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When Demeter told him she was pregnant, Munkustrap practically went into shock.
He was starting to think that he and Demeter would never have kittens of their own. He would have been okay with that – the tribe had more than enough kittens, and he and Demeter were always happy to babysit.
When she told him, he ran the past few days through his mind. Demeter had been fine. No sickness like the other queens complained about, no extra tiredness or anything of note. He almost stuttered as he asked if she was sure, the words getting caught in his throat, tripping over his tongue.
Demeter had laughed, pressing his hand against her stomach.
“Jenny confirmed it.”
Munkustrap had almost fallen off the junkpile. Demeter grinned, kissing his cheek.
“I’m going to be a father.”
The first time the kitten moved against his paw, Munkustrap fell out of their nest.
They’d been curled up together, Munkustrap rubbing gentle circles over her extended stomac
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Mature content
One of Us :iconpixieevil:pixieevil 0 4
When something gets pointed out to you, the glass shatters, and you’re suddenly aware.
Aware of everything that’s happened in the past, and of everything that could possibly happen in the future.
It eats at you, threatens your sleep. Sometimes it’s so intense it renders you useless and hollow. Suddenly your every thought is dependent on that one thing. A habit. An idiosyncrasy.
A change.
That’s how Munkustrap felt the day Demeter told him that she was pregnant.
Like his world had turned itself inside out.
Suddenly, every thought, every action was focused on the kit in Demeter’s belly.
His mate seemed ridiculously fragile now.
He found himself worried about hurting Demeter in ways he never used to. He starting sleeping with his arm up high, around her ribs instead of her stomach, worried that the extra weight would be bad for the growing kit. He even stopped pulling her against him when they hugged, paranoid that pressing themselves too close together would
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It wasn’t a fact that was well known around the tribe, but Munkustrap suffered from days where he couldn’t leave his den, spending it locked in a haze of depression and self-doubt. He spent so much time and energy on ensuring that his tribe was kept safe and happy, and no one, except for his mate, even saw the need to watch out for him and his needs.
Sometimes, he couldn’t keep it up.
Couldn’t face dealing with everyone and their problems, no matter how big or small.
Couldn’t deal with the constant threat of Macavity.
Couldn’t even summon up the energy to leave his nest, let alone the den.
On those days, when Munkustrap didn’t show up to take over from him, Alonzo would quietly get another tom to take a watch. If neither Munkustrap nor his mate appeared in the courtyard, Tugger would make a snide comment about them having a private rendezvous, much to the amusement of the other cats. Jenny and Jelly would quietly watch over the entrance of thei
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Subtle Differences
It had taken Tugger a few weeks.
A few weeks to learn the difference between the magical Mr Mistoffelees and the quiet, unassuming Quaxo. The shifts were subtle, hard to detect, even though they seemed to be exact opposites of each other and before he worked it out, he’d offended them a number of times. Which was painful in a number of ways, considering that Mistoffelees would publically snub him, and starting flirting shamelessly with the nearest tom (or queen, on occasion), and Quaxo would disappear, making himself impossible to find.
The biggest differences Tugger had found was that Mistoffelees loved to be the centre of attention, much like Tugger himself, while Quaxo was a lot shyer. When Tugger and MIstoffelees were together, they easily gained the attention of the tribe as they put on impromptu displays of dancing and magic, shamelessly flirting in the main clearing in full view of the tribe, to the point where they’d been warned multiple times about the kittens bein
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Leaders of the Tribe
Their first date was awkward.
Incredibly awkward.
They barely spoke, stealing glances at each other and blushing a bright red each time they caught the other’s eye. Their paws accidentally touched as they made their way back to the Junkyard, and Demeter practically jumped a mile into the air, skittering over to the other side of the footpath and staying there until they finally got back to the outside fence. They’d paused there, looking shyly at each other for the first time all night, neither of them willing to beak the sudden silence. Eventually Demeter darted forward, pressing a brief kiss to Munkustrap’s cheek before running back to her den as fast as she could, glancing back before she turned the corner to see Munkustrap standing frozen where she’d left him, his hand pressed to his cheek.
That was when she knew they’d be together forever.
Their first date was weird.
Ridiculously weird.
They’d been friends for so long that admitting their
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Demeter was kidnapped by Macavity while she was just barely in her teens. She wasn’t the only one taken, but she was the only one who came back.
She’d staggered back into the Junkyard weeks after they’d vanished without a trace, so skinny that they could almost count her ribs, her fur so neglected and filthy that they almost didn’t know who she was. Bombalurina had been the first one to pick her scent, pushing frantically past Munkustrap’s protective stance to catch her sister as she collapsed. Munkustrap had been the second to approach her, holding back the rest of the tribe as he scooped her limp body easily into his arms, before hurrying to Jenny’s den, Bombalurina hovering worriedly.
She’d spent the next few days being nurtured back to health by Jennyanydots, Jellylorum, and Bombalurina, while Munkustrap hovered worriedly, unwilling to lose another member of his tribe. All four cats fussed over her, forcing her to eat, and helping her to gr
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Yet Another Injury...
Mistoffelees had been hunting away from the Junkyard when the mystics had reached out to him.
Macavity is here.
Mistoffelees merely paused at the first touch of their minds to his, but his breath grew tight in his chest as he heard their warning.
Munkustrap is hurt.
Mistoffelees straightened up, abandoning his prey at their message and turning instinctively in the direction of the Junkyard, trying his hardest to catch its scent on the breeze. The mystics sent him one more word before breaking their connection, a word that caused Mistoffelees to panic and run back towards his home, no longer caring about making noise.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Mistoffelees skidded into the middle of the Junkyard, aware in the back of his mind that Macavity was no longer there, but too consumed by his fear to pay it any attention. He spared the Jellicles in the clearing a glance, noting absently that no one seemed hurt even as he realised that Munkustrap was nowhere to be seen.
Alonzo had
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Tentative Plans
Munkustrap perched at the top of one of the junk piles, forcing himself to concentrate as he watched over his tribe, nose twitching as he tried to detect any strange scents on the breeze.
Alonzo leapt up beside him, and Munkustrap relaxed slightly, greeting him with a smile as he nuzzled him quickly.
“Anything new?” Alonzo asked, sinking into a crouch as he glanced curiously out at the horizon.
Munkustrap shook his head, taking one last glance out at the Junkyard.
“Nothing unusual. It’s been quiet today.” Munkustrap informed him. “Come find me if anything changes.”
Alonzo nodded, his ears flicking forward intently as Munkustrap climbed down, smiling as the kittens spotted him and swarmed his legs, nuzzling against him fondly as they begged for his attention.
Most of the tribe seemed to be gathered in the main clearing as pre-dawn arrived, the rising sun
making everything seem pale and washed out. Munkustrap pet the heads of the kits, before sen
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After The Ball...
Demeter had been waiting in the shadows since the ball ended. She’d made herself comfortable, knowing that Munkustrap would come and find her once he was certain that everyone was settled safely in their dens.
She knew from experience how exhausted Munkustrap was after the Jellicle ball, and especially after Grizabella….
She shook her head, clearing the thought away as she looked out at the clearing below her, watching as the Jellicles began leaving slowly in pairs and small groups. She smiled slightly as she saw a nervous Victoria leaving with Plato, and waved at Bombalurina when she glanced in her direction as she padded away. Munkustrap was standing guard near Old Deuteronomy, smiling fondly and listening attentively to each of the cats that came to speak to them. Finally, the clearing emptied, and Munkustrap was free to guide Old Deuteronomy home.
Demeter nestled herself down, resting her head on her arms as she watched and listened attentively, on guard as she waited f
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Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser
Rumpleteaser had never meant to become a thief. She’d been sneaky and cunning as a kitten, but it never went further than pulling pranks on the others. And then she’d met Mungojerrie.
He was already a notorious thief, not that he told her that until their fourth or fifth date. Neither of them had homes when they first met, just dens in the junkyard, and it was hunger that finally convinced Rumpleteaser to steal.
Mungojerrie picked an easy house for them, knowing that Rumpleteaser was already worried. It belonged to a mostly blind and oblivious little old lady, and Mungojerrie had visited her multiple times in the past, mostly to steal food.
They climbed up a tree planted close to the house, jumping lightly onto the roof before sneaking in through a window that had been left ajar. Once inside, Mungojerrie led Rumpleteaser straight down into the pantry, where they ate to their hearts content. Full for the first time in days, they made themselves comfortable on the couch, and
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Yuffie - Ten months. by pixieevil Yuffie - Ten months. :iconpixieevil:pixieevil 1 3 Yuffie - Three Months by pixieevil Yuffie - Three Months :iconpixieevil:pixieevil 1 0
He’d known it was coming. He’d been watching Demeter for the past week, cooing over the new kittens, and seeing the longing in her eyes. But he still hadn’t been entirely prepared when she brought it up.
“I go into heat next week.” She’d said abruptly, and Munkustrap had glanced up at her, trying to hide his sudden panic.
“I’ll have go stay with Rum Tum Tugger again.” He’d replied easily, hoping she’d drop the subject.
She hadn’t.
She’d sidled up to him, leaning into his side.
“You don’t have to.” She’d murmured in his ear, pressing closer. “I think I’m ready for kittens.”
Munkustrap looked up at her, taking in her hopeful expression, his excuses dying on his lips – he was busy looking after everyone, he was trying to keep the junkyard safe – and agreed, despite himself.
Within two weeks, Demeter knew she was pregnant.
The first few weeks went easily. Deme
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Ruth and Miriam
Blaine froze in place, halfway across the car park. His grip on Kurt's hand dragged him to a halt as well, and Kurt turned back toward him, frowning.
"Blaine?" he asked.
"Oh god." Blaine breathed. "This is really happening. I'm not dreaming am I?" he asked, a little frantically. Kurt rolled his eyes, pinching his arm.
"Ow!" Blaine yelped. "What was that for?" he pouted, starting to walk again, Kurt dragging him along.
"Well, you asked if you were dreaming..." Kurt replied distractedly, glancing at the sign at the front of the building.
"You don't think this is a dream?" Blaine asked as they stood there, both staring up at the building.
"I'm hoping it isn't." Kurt replied softly as they pushed their way through the door.
A frazzled looking receptionist greeted them.
"Kurt and Blaine right?" she asked, continuing when Blaine nodded. "I'm Katie. I'm so sorry about this, it's been a horrible week, and half the kids are sick, and we don't want the healthy ones here any longer then they have
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Baby Girl
"We have some news."
Kurt wasn't proud of those words. He'd heard them too often in soaps, and they usually meant bad things. Finn shifted uncomfortably beside him, and for a fleeting second, Kurt was proud of him for understanding that this probably wasn't good news.
"Yes?" Kurt prompted when Burt and Carole were silent.
"I'm pregnant!"
Kurt was stunned, to put it lightly. For a second, he thought he'd misheard, but the look on Burt, Carole, and even Finn's face told them he hadn't.
By the end of Carole's first month of pregnancy, only a week or so later, Kurt still didn't know how to react to the news. Their house was full of awkward silences, in fact the only ones who weren't awkward around each other were Burt and Carole – and that was purely because of their excitement.
Add to the fact that Carole's morning sickness had started right away – and lasted through the day – Kurt was very unsure of how to treat her, let alone work out how he felt about the
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Random Favourites

Stolen Kisses Ch. 5
Chapter 5: Tea
One month seemed to take forever! It had been a grand total of twenty-two days and Sarah couldn't believe how much she missed the insufferable Goblin King. Her roommate Vivienne had asked several times who he was and why hadn't he come back around since, but Sarah had skillfully avoided answering fully.
It was still a week before Thanksgiving break and in an attempt to take her mind off of Jareth, she'd been hanging out with her friends in the theater department, helping to build sets and sew costumes when necessary. Mostly she hung out with her friend Nate, who knew about her "boyfriend" but was kind enough to not press for information, unlike Vivienne. "Sarah, don't you think you've done enough?" he asked as she finished up the final touches painting a backdrop.
She rose from her crouched position and wiped her brow, leaving a long blue streak of paint across her forehead. Nate chuckled, but didn't say anything. "No, I have been doing just the right amount of work than
:iconpolgara87:Polgara87 37 10
who should sparkle stamp by hawthorne-cat who should sparkle stamp :iconhawthorne-cat:hawthorne-cat 174 113
Sorrow - 100 Themes #28
One-shot. Labyrinth - Jareth/Sarah.
"You know he did that on purpose, right?" Dee glanced back at Sarah as they made their way into the pub.
"No, he didn't," Sarah half-heartedly denied as she followed her in, eyes trained on her cousin's bouncing ponytail as they wove through the crowd.
"Yes, he did. He hid those keys. He was checking out your ass when you were looking under the couch." She looked back at Sarah pointedly. "He has a crush on you. It's totally gross. You're his freakin' cousin, for christ's sake."
"Oh, come on! He does not. And if he did, it's harmless." Sarah raised a recriminating brow. "You're one to talk, anyway. Remember when we were twelve, the family reunion, cousin Jeremy?"
Dee scanned the crowd as they moved further into the pub. "Second cousin, and that's completely different."
"Right. How's it different?"
"Because I'm not a gross 15-year-old boy. I know what he does when he locks himself in t
:iconundergrounddaydreams:UndergroundDaydreams 23 18
Death Marshmallow by Alephunky Death Marshmallow :iconalephunky:Alephunky 4,356 426 in blue by michelleyo in blue :iconmichelleyo:michelleyo 4 1
Christmas Pretty:Ch1
Christmas Pretty
On the first Underground Christmas, Sarah's true love gave to her…well, it was the thought that counts. A Christmas story of leather, goblins and the odd stunted unicorn.  
AN #1: Never in my wildest, Goblin King-encrusted dreams did I plan on writing a Christmas fic, especially not a sequel to 'My Fine Feathered Friend'; that is, of course, until I saw Pika-la-Cynique's mega squee-inducing pic of Skeep entitled 'Christmas Pretty'. Behold it (and Skeep's shiny toes) in all its glory on her deviantart page (or check out the link in the comments below).
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Labyrinth, Christmas, kicking boots, or jewel-y, jewel-y, black armor. All I want for Christmas is the Goblin King in my Christmas stocking. How he chooses to wear the aforementioned Christmas stocking is entirely up to him...
Chapter 1: The Perils of Peach Lipgloss (or "Oh Goblin King/Oh Goblin King/Your boots are just so pointy)
It has often been sa
:iconlixxle:Lixxle 46 21
It's Only Forever - Wallpaper by firstsin It's Only Forever - Wallpaper :iconfirstsin:firstsin 158 9
The Reference Ch. 13
The Reference
Chapter 13: Back in the Labyrinth

Jareth groaned as the pounding in his head intensified. He wished he could just go back to sleep to escape the pain, but the sweet numbing slumber evaded him. Hesitantly, he opened his eyes and tried to remember where he was. He was sitting on a cold wooden floor with his back propped up against the wall. The back of a sofa was in front of him and a short hallway stretched out to either side. He remembered then that this was Sarah's apartment. "Sarah…" he breathed out.
He made to stand as he remembered that Todd had been there and had most likely taken Sarah, but his head pounded and his back ached to the point that movement threatened nausea. He could hear the crumbling of the plaster wall behind him as he shifted. Small chunks had broken off and landed on the floor beside him. His eyes widened as he realized this was because of how hard he'd hit the wall when Todd's spell had thrown him back. The memory of being thrown backw
:iconpolgara87:Polgara87 12 20
Your eyes can be so cruel Pg25
Lucious approached his bedroom having sorted the confusion between himself and Maniel, he heard some banging coming from his chambers, he imagined Maniel hadn't released his spell of binding over Toby. As he entered his luxurious bedroom his thoughts were confirmed as Toby was trying to wriggle free of the black ropes that bound his limbs together, although he had managed to clothes himself in a pair of human jeans. 'Tobias, stop wriggling. I'll untie you.' Lucious said sternly, cutting the ropes with a knife he had conjured. Toby sat cross-legged on the floor looking down to the floor. He spoke quietly, his voice shaking as he awaited another strike from Lucious. 'I'm sorry, Lucious. I just couldn't stop myself, he told me that you had used me and that you were engaged to that Celeste.' He said her name with a little disgust. Lucious sat on his bed. 'I was engaged to her, but, I don't want her.' Toby shot a glance at him, 'I know, Lucious, you want're just messing around w
:icondraped-in-sorrow:Draped-In-Sorrow 14 13
Do You Mind? by hellsingfanchick Do You Mind? :iconhellsingfanchick:hellsingfanchick 495 96 Need You colored by TalentedChild Need You colored :icontalentedchild:TalentedChild 140 18
'Luck Killed Her'
"Luck Killed Her"
Origin: Russia
There was once a time when emotions ruled the behaviour of humans, the way they thought, acted and reacted. They were immensely strong that most humans could not control them, they ran ramped through human flesh, destroying beyond repair. Many humans perished as the pure energy that these emotions evoked was far too strong for their frail, human hearts. Day after day, the people would pray to Gods who had forgotten about them, who were too far away or just didn't care enough to respond. They asked for help, for death, for anything but what their hearts could not comprehend. In many cases humans just cursed them for such sorrow that in turn would be their downfall.
As many young ones did at this time in life, a young girl fell in love. Such was the emotion  that her heart was ripped apart from the inside, rupturing and bursting in her chest. It stopped beating or even existing, yet she lived. The Banshee called for her death, yet the girl live
:iconsomething-maybe:Something-Maybe 1 0
Alice Through the Labyrinth
A Type of Short Story?
Wonderland and Labyrinth Crossover (Classic, right?).
"No Regrets"
It was a surprisingly stormy afternoon the day Alice decided on the fate of her younger sister. Her eyes scanned the cream pages of the book that conveniently gave her the escapist opportunity that she was looking for. Alice examined the simple, small lines and memorised them, reading them over and over in her head until the letters became imprinted in her retina. Then her eyes shifted to the small form in the pink bassinet, which was surrounded by elegantly crochet blankets and stuffed animals. It squirmed, whimpering as the child opened her eyes to gaze upon the cold stare of her older sister. Alice smiled an almost feral snarl as the baby began to cry, then returning to the book with less cruel eyes she thanked her aunt for buying the book for her.
"If I can survive the nonsense world of Wonderland, the Goblin King can give a care and turn up to take you away, sister mine." She said, the revolt
:iconsomething-maybe:Something-Maybe 1 23
Solitude - 100 Themes #99
One-shot. Labyrinth - Jareth/Sarah.
Sarah stepped though the break in the garden wall, pushing the branches aside. It was her secret spot – a small clearing surrounded by trees on cliff overlooking the west side of the Labyrinth. The first time she had found it, she had lain out in the grass, staring up through the woven canopy at the hazy sky. When she had sought it out a second time, she had found a bench placed in the middle of the clearing, set off a safe distance from the edge but close enough that all that she needed to escape from was well out of her peripheral vision. It was just the sky, the trees, and her thoughts. From then on, she used the bench. She had a good idea whom it was from, though she never mentioned it.
She sank down with a sigh, slipping off her shoes and tucking her feet under her skirt. She welcomed the solitude, the commotion of the castle building to a roar in her head. She had always been o
:iconundergrounddaydreams:UndergroundDaydreams 25 11
Ball schemes by Emergencyuseonly Ball schemes :iconemergencyuseonly:Emergencyuseonly 127 45 Hidden Child Gaians by PebblesInMyPockets Hidden Child Gaians :iconpebblesinmypockets:PebblesInMyPockets 18 11


So I've had tickets to go see Cats at QPAC (The closest thing we have to Broadway in Brisbane) in February for probably close to six months now. And I just found out that Andrew Lloyd Weber decided to change Tugger's character to a rapping kitten with dreadlocks.

And basically I'm really annoyed that he decided to change Tugger's character and completely replace him. I haven't seen it yet, so mostly I'm just annoyed on principle because I love Rum Tum Tugger as a rockstar, and I was really looking forward to go see it, and now I'm worried that I'm going to hate it, and I didn't want to deal with that the first time I get to go see Cats live.


Current Residence: Australia =P
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much just music in general



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