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baby snail

Me and my little petsnail...

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Watch me, if you like my artwork that would be very very nice my friends!!!
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The makeup blends wonderfully with the petals. I am completely in love with how you got the snail to stay on the flower long enough to take a photo. The eyelashes look great, no clumps and the red color blends completely perfectly with the green eyes. I especially love all the colors together. The blue glitter looks great next to the green eye. I have no complaints about this piece of art. Keep doing what you are doing this is absolutely lovely! There is one thing that sticks out to me though that is that one petal is sort of moved out of the way which I don't love but otherwise great!
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omg is that real??? holy crapsez i think it is. anyways, this is really interesting. i looovvveee it!! the flower petals are perfect (not good, PERFECT) for this look! they add an earthy feel to the look. everything flows nicely and normal then POP this bold shot of red mascara!! LOVE IT!!! i think the sequin is unnesscary. it doesnt do alot. its not BAD its still nice, but i dont think it has 2 b there. just my opinion. i appologize for my many tyops in this<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> anywwayz i love this its fantastic!! cant wait 2c more!!!
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DA is a funny place. So many times I go to it, give the thumbnails a quick glance and then move on to the treasures that await me from my selected groups. Then once in awhile one of the pictures seem to leap off the page at you. For me this was one of those events.

It is that green eye framed in the shimmering makeup grabs your attention but then the other little things catch your imagination. I love the red colour coated on the eyelashes and the bright yellow colour of the flower. Best of all though is the green road that your eye follows, from that emerald iris to the jewel in the heart of the flower and then on to the little snail.

There are only two things I wish were not there but they are minor. The first is the discolouration on the petals and the second in that stray hair just above the snail. Truly small things and offered just to prove was looking closely.

It's a wonderful image, well done.
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so vibrant..luv it.
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Whoaa that snail is kinda gold!
Such a beautiful colour combination :love:
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Aw, this is adorable. Is that snail really real?
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Small snails!*.*
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beautiful!!! :clap:

I just want to let you know that a blog (it's in french) has posted this photo without giving you any credit :( This person has done this to a lot of artworks including one of my own.

The page your artwork is on: [link]

Several artists' images have been cropped or edited to hide water marks. If you would like to help end this you can contact the administration to demand this member credits the artists and links to the original pages where the artwork was shown by the true artist by writing them here: [link]
If you recognize another artist please let them know there work is there
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wonderful contrast of sharp colors and soft little snail. VERY COOL.
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really like this one!
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I-is this a real snail?
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if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the snail from? Ive been looking to get a couple of cute pet snails and can't find anywhere that sells them :/
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Well my guess is to look outside for one after it's rained or some petstores have little orange water ones that can live with fish in tanks :p
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awww the water ones sound cute!! thanks :D
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Awww! I like this one. I like your snail too. In all of the pictures you included him/her in. :D
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This reminded me of this [link] song. :D Its like perfect! Haha :P Well this is awesome :P great job pixie!
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now THAT'S a pretty snai
here in my garden is a snail infestation, and all these snails are brown or black and disgusting
not as pretty as yours :D
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I just want to say... you are AMAZING and should be ding make up for the people in the Capitol in The Hunger Games!!!!!!!
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Those eyelashes are killer! & omg snail :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!
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