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This is the second painting of an eye-series.. the four seasons! :) Hope you like it!! :heart:

Greets your mad Pixie....
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May 21, 2012, 10:44:43 AM
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WoooW! It's absolutely stunning!! I love it. I like this one best of your four eyes. The others are amazing too, but this one kinda touches me. Probably because my favorite season is spring. I love the way you use watercolors. Like a professional I like the whole composition and the atmosphere. It really describes spring and all its beauty. I love your style. It's like a wonderful creative mess I like how all the colors blend and I like these little white dots especially. I love how the blue eye stands out, but still totally fits in the spring atmosphere, if you understand what I mean. and that "peacock feather" is really creative. I love it
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I love this art. it's amazing and different. i have never seen any art like this before. i love the drips from the eyes are really help the eye structure to stand out a lot. i love the blue of the eye stands out to the green but doesn't take to much away from the rest of the eye. I feather is so cool and makes the picture much more interesting. the eye lashes are spaced even good and evenly and makes it look like the eye is wearing mascara. so over all to make it simple i love it a lot.
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All I can say is wow. You have taken my breath away completely. I am awestruck. You have definitely captured the freshness and vibrancy of this season. The colors you chose made this piece of art a masterpiece. I can tell you took into consideration my last comment about not being able to see the intricate details that define your season. This piece of art is definitely inspiring. The vibrant colors and leaves immediately tells a spectator that winter has ended and the earth is coming back to life. I am enjoying your work and am eagerly anticipating your winter and summer eye designs. Please continue your excellent work.
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First of all I would like to say that I am not an expert of any sort, and that I love this work

- I love the feather but how would you fit the feather in a frame if you where to frame it? Maybe cut off the edges that go off the paper?
- I'm not liking the darker yellow in the corner of the eye though, but that's just my opinion.

- I love your combination of warm and cool colors.
- I love the plants here and there.
- I love the white patterns here and there( how do you do it!)
- Last but not least beautiful " dripping marks" . XD I don't know what to call them.
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The colors on this piece mix and match so perfectly. The iris and the rest of the eye is colored in a messy fashion. That was a GREAT image for me. It made me think of all the reckless and messy fun I had last Spring.
The only issue I've had was that the feather (which I love) didn't have any shading underneath it. It would've been very cool to see the painting have shade for the object that isnt painted.
Other than that, it is an extremely great piece of work. You are an amazing artist. I hope to see more!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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Okay so I have so many things to say about it I don't even know how to start...
I'm not sure about what I should say about it, it's like an abstract painting, because every person gets a different feeling for every art. I love it, it's just so nice looking and every single detail makes it even better!
I will, literally (or maybe not..), KILL the person that says it's not original. OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING! And I know that if I saw it anywhere I'd know it's yours, I already know your style and I must say I'm your fan.
Okay, I don't really need to say anything about it, I'm sure you know you are amazingly talented. I'm so glad I discovered your art here with all these artists.. Thank you destiny! Please, PLEASE, don't EVER stop doing what you do. You make me happy, if I'm sad I look at your gallery and it instantly makes me feel a lot better, really. <3
The first thing I thought of when I saw it, like many others but for some reason in a special way, was "Holy.. Wow, just WOW." I kept looking at it for like 5 minutes just checking detail by detail, and it's amazing how you made it look so perfectly awesome, even the little dots seem to be in the exactly perfect spot, it's just amazing. I don't know how to explain.. I just love it.
Keep rocking! <img src="…" width="38" height="15" alt=":hug:" title="Hug"/>
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i love the feather slightly popping off the edge of the paper, it gives it a really cool effect!
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So I found this today.
your art has been takeennnn o-o
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I :heart: this! The more I look at it, the more elements I find that you have hidden into the splatters--leaves and blades of grass, new colours. It is absolutely beautiful!
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i love this one *_*
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How do you do this?! You're amazing~!!
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Amazing!! I just love the shade of the green!! :iconshaplz:
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Your 'eye paintings' are really amazing :D I'm asuming you're using water colours? Anyway it's really great and you have your own artistic way of expressing yourself :) Keep up the good work :)
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it's amazing !!!
but, I have a question, pleeeaase answer : how do you do the black line around all the others colors ?
Please, answer me, it is so beautiful <3
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Love the colours in this one!!! Amazing work!!
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do you sell prints?
Is this still for sale (Spring)? Would love to buy it?
Here there really love this fantastic colourful piece of art. Would love to buy it please contact me back. Many thanks
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Do you have a certain techique for making the blue stand out? I've been trying to do that for years...
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Hi Pixie! I would so like to purchase this one from you in a 20 x 30" print. I sent a request to you but I'm not sure how all this works yet. I've already purchased "Flora," "Fire and Ice," and "Flowers" but this one ("Spring") is one of my favorites from you and I have the perfect place to hang it! I love ALL your art and I can order something else besides this one if there aren't any more prints of "Spring." Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time I look at "Flora" on my living room wall! You're the BEST and I look forward to your next masterpiece!! :)
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