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--------------------------------->Im open for new commissions by the way!!!!!!!<----------------------------------------------
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Jul 8, 2013, 1:06:45 PM
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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This artwork gives off a very mysterious vibe and at the same time it feels really relaxing.

I love how you mixed the colors of blue to give character to the owl and it makes it very appealing how you gave the eyes a contrasting reddish- orange color.

Your brush strokes are very unique. There's lots of detail in the head and goes off in an explosion as it makes it to the body, and that makes me focus more in the middle portion of the drawing.

I saw a lot of creativity, originality, and techique into this piece, however I did not see a great significance[, or "Impact"].

You are truly gifted with colors and imaginations, keep up the great work!
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Just beautiful! I love your art so much, my fav here, thanks for your talent.
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Hey! Just to let you know your wonderful work has been featured here:…
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I would love that one can buy in mouse pad forma 
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Like all of your drawings, this is stuning, beautifull...this is my favourite
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This is so beautiful. I happened to see great significance, but each person will go through different experiences and different images will strike different emotions and thoughts... For me, animals are part of a great secret. Especially owls. I don't know what you meant by titling it "Secret" but it definitely had an impact on my life.  The colors you used are so much like a dream it makes me wonder if i'm still asleep. There's no way someone as beautiful as you creates such brilliant vibrant art in this crazy fucked up life. But if I am awake and this is real.... Then I love you and your creations. Keep making that amazing art traum engel...                                                      From another world, I look through the glass into the eyes of angels frozen in time.
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What a beautiful picture! I love it! :love: It is stunning!
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I love this! Thanks for sharing it!
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Owwwwww, it's beautiful!! I loooooove owls!!!! *O* I love it! 
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I love a lot of your works, but this one is really wonderful.
Not only do the colours work really well together but they suit the subject and capture the essence of its character (being a night animal and all). It's gorgeous. I also have a bit of a thing with owls :P
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This would make an awesome tattoo. :D
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this is awesome, i love owls, but this is great.
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This is so beautiful! Great work :)
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I really like this! I like the blues a lot, and I really like blue and yellow together. I like how it just seems to flow together rather than being thrown together, you know? It's really amazing.
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Cool! :D The color scheme is perfect and it gives cool and a calming effect, yet also dark and a little mysterious. It's just the right effect for night creatures such as owls :D
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I sooooo love owls, thank you for sharing this beautiful drawing of yours! <333
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Eh.... What can I say... It's just perfectly amazing.
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Wow, this is beautiful. Very cool, and the eyes are powerful. Love it.
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 I've admired your work for a really long time and this one blows me away. I really want a tattoo of one of your pieces, and this one is at the top of my list of "things I want a tat of." Seriously, wow.
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holy shit!! :jawdrop: this is freaking amazing! your work never ceases to amaze me :)
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This is beautiful! I, I cant even tell you how much I love this!...
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