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My husband found him... one sweet little Ladybug under our bed...he was dead, but i tried to give him a new life... in my artwork...

I really hope you like the Ladybug Make up...

Other works:

If you like my gallery :iconpixiecold: please watch me to see more artworks... that would be very nice :heart:
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Mar 1, 2012, 8:25:00 AM
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thisi s adoooraaaaaaabbbbleee!!!!! is that a real ladybug??? omg lol!!! that little bit of red in ur eye is amazing its such a small detail but it stands out very nicely. colour wise, i like them all but i wouldn have done any yellow i think i would have stuck to cool colours, blue green and purple, then that pop of red with the ladybug. that is just my personal preference, and if u ever do it again i would try without it and if u dont like it, well then go right ahead and add in some yellow!!!! fabulous once again<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/><img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Well I really like the colors but It doesn't fit a ladybug too me anyways. It could have been a night sky or a type of blue butterfly. The texture around the eye is soft looking which is good but the sparkles give it a few rough patches. The little stars give it a night time feel. I am not trying to be rude in any way but I feel this would have been stronger with more fiery colors to bring out the deep cherry red of the lady bug. Other then that it really is a great piece keep going! :3
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I like this piece a lot, really. My favorite part would have to be the transition of the blue from the inner corner to the red of the outer corner. In my experience I have noticed most people make a "muddy" purple color in the process of blending out the harshness.

I also really found the striking red added to the iris added a lot to this piece and made quite an impact on me. The angle of the red in the eye could be adjusted a little for a more streamline effect, I think. I feel like if the red in the eye made a straighter line to the outer corner, and then to the ladybug the colors may seem more potent.

Finally, I understand that working with makeup (especially the eye) leaves very limited canvas, but I would love to see you model a more subtle pose for this piece. The eye feels a bit strained, and I feel maybe adjusting the angle of the photograph might add a different elemental mood to the photograph as a whole.

Overall, this piece is lovely. I really enjoyed it! I hope to see more original pieces like this in the future from you, and even by just looking at your gallery it is evident you've come a very long way! n__n
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It's a very neat imagine, for starters. The eye, the bug, the stars and sparkles all pop out at the viewer. The use of the eye shadow is stunning, especially when fading from the dark shades of purple and blue (is that red I see as well?) and dappling out into lighter blues, greens and yellow. The technique, as a whole, is outstanding.
But one thing doesn't quite ring with me: the use of the lady bug.
This would be an absolutely stunning photo, were it not for the bug itself. Had the bug been given more precedence (as with your butterfly shots), and the colour scheme were set to match the reds, blacks, and whites of the lady bug, the photo would be entirely brilliant. But the stars detract from lady bug, and while it DOES stand out against the blues and greens, the overall impact would have been much better if the colour scheme was similar.
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Love it! I really love the detail you put into your work, it's inspiring.

They ladybug really stands out against the blue and green colors, which really focuses the viewer's attention on the bug.

However, I think this could have been a little more interesting if you had used red and black, and perhaps white, to make it match the lady bug more. I think it would've looked a little more natural (or, at least, as natural as you can look with bugs glued to your face. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> )

All in all, a very good piece, with a lot of detail and time put into it. Good job, as usual!
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Purrr gazes entranced the colors and detail.  Lovely ladybug. Bruh 
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I think it's interesting that rather than going with the typical black-and-red polka-dot makeup that would have gone well with the ladybug, you went the complete opposite route of using blues and greens. It adds a nice contrast and I really like it!
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lovely idea! what kind of make up/face paint did you use for these?
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I think it was a really nice gesture from you, and a great way to pass for the ladybug.
You're extremely talented, I love your art, including this one too.^^
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WOW!! I am totally in awe of your entire gallery but my favorites are the "EYES!" So much color and creativity that I could spend hours just looking at all the details! Stunning, original, imaginative, and most of all...BEAUTIFUL!!
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I really loved this one
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I love this one, purples and blue's like mah hair hehe xD :love:
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so beautiful \^^/
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How do u keep findin all these dead bugs xD
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Of all the insect ones, this is the one that makes me cringe. I love insects for the most part, however, ladybugs are my most hated insects. Almost every day I get bit by one of these. Friends say it's because I'm vegetarian or because I eat bananas. I don't know why, but these things enjoy eating me. That aside, I love the photo, particularly because this does resonate with me, having my bizarre phobia of ladybugs.
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ladybugs eat insects that kill plant they are good and lagybugs have never bitten me I also saved ones life so it could live another day becouse I knew it whould not hurt me and if animals and insects had friends the ladybug I saved told them that a humin saved him also search up albino ladybug they look so cool I saw one in real life
((I used to be afrade of ladybugs becouse one landed on me whene I was littel I started freaking out it would not get of me so I started crying and I fell on my face out my window and onto the ground))
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Haha I know they do, and I have never harmed a ladybug, I just do not enjoy them biting me every chance they get. They are vital to the ecosystem so I respect them, but I am truly terrified of them and probably always will be. I have scars from where they have bitten me. Lady bugs are interesting creatures that's for sure. 

Oh goodness, that would definitely be cause for some residual fear. 
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I've never been bitten by a lady bug. Does it hurt or is it more of a sting? I'm just curious.
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It's more like a sting except there isn't any residual mark or irritation later (unless they decide to bite like a hornet - 4 or 5 times in a row). More than anything it's just severely annoying, especially when it happens over and over again, and it leaves little marks at the surface of the skin, like itty-bitty blood blisters, no bigger than a needle prick. Imagine you poke yourself really fast with a tack but don't break skin. It's kinda like that.
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Okay now I understand why you don't like them. That would annoy and hurt me too.

Who knew lady bugs could be so evil?
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My cousin told me when I was younger that ladybugs bit, so I was terrified of them for a long time. Now i just don't like them.

Aside from that, this is an amazing makeup. Keep it up! :)
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well, i dont know about having a bug on my face, but the rest is too cute~ <3
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How do you keep finding dead bugs?!
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