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Gnats and spiders, bugs and flies,
Pollution and crime, corruption and lies,
the first ones so fragile, the others so mean,
yet it's the weak ones, that make people scream.

Hey..i have so many more make ups and other artworks in my gallerie, visit me... and if you like my art please watch me to follow me on DA :iconpixiecold:

my facebookfanpage: [link]

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Feb 29, 2012, 6:44:35 AM
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ZBAnonymous's avatar
ur just like, wtf, why r there mesquetos on my face!...
BellaGBear's avatar
love the make-up and the little bit of poem you wrote :)

actually kinda weird we fear insects
rubyflame12's avatar
CantCutMyWings's avatar
I actually feel SO scared after looking at this
CantCutMyWings's avatar
Pinkie-Mads's avatar
all of your insect ones creep me out because I am actually an insectaphobe!!
XceptionOvrRuled's avatar
ILoveWolvesXD's avatar
They are crane flies (also known as daddy-long-legs) ;)
ChristineMerrifield's avatar
Actually, daddy long legs are a type of spider that are highly poisonous but can't bite because their legs are too long
ILoveWolvesXD's avatar
Actually, the spider you are referring to is known as a "Daddy long legs SPIDER". This is just nick-named "daddy long legs". And they are not highly poisonous but very slightly venomous, a bite from one would cause a slight tingling sensation but that is it. Only the variants in the UK are unable to penetrate human skin.
ravebloodnymph's avatar
Oh dear, more bugs. *shudder* But still...this is so cool. Are those mosquitoes or dragonflies or something? I can't really tell what they are exactly...
KaChieek's avatar
I believe they're mayflys but im not quite sure :/
Emerald-Beatle's avatar
i love the use of real bugs/ insects, very quirky
(the quirky things are the best ones!)
dreamersdiary's avatar
I love it, and the quote. I'm just super scared of ALL bugs...including butterflys...:giggle:
Alexa-N's avatar
what's that quote from??? I love it
TheFaceOfJuu's avatar
That's so creepy haha.
ScarlettAce2792's avatar
Haha I love your poem...
teenagebibliophile's avatar
The expression you convey with your eye is spot on.
shiro-sakura-kaze's avatar
that poem/rhyme is so true!
snowfox41011's avatar
Mayflys scare me, but it looks very nice c:
I love the expression you have!
invaderrainbow's avatar
This is great! My only grudge against this is the title it's entomophobia which is fear of insects (my friend has it) but it looks like it's bleeding almost nice job!
deathnotemistress's avatar
seeing this comment made me happier then it should have xD i already posted and said that that Entomophobia is the real word and its amazing someone else cares enough to say something about it :hug:
GearSparks's avatar
I just like the poem
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