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In my galaxy + Speedpainting video

Hey guys!!
I hope you like my newest painting  :) <3
If you want to see how i did this just go to my youtube channel and watch the speedpainting video 😊😄😛💀🌌

Go here:…

Love ya!! 😘❤️
Your Pixie
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Absolutely beautiful artwork. Stunning and wonderful  a totally amazing piece .. definitely a Fav 🦋
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I think this is very well done, regardless of what people say.
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that looks so beautiful :heart:
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Good Lorrddd I love your style! Beautiful piece Eyepoppingw00t! 
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Wow, its amazing!
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God I wish people would keep tumblr on tumblr.. This is really beautiful, don't give a shit what anyone else says. I know in your heart that this wasn't meant to be anything other than a beautiful picture you'd like to share, and please don't let people tell you what and how to draw based on their standards. 

It makes me sick to my stomach how fucking backwards "woke" people are, and how they think segregation is how we're going to get to equality. 

Please keep making beautiful artwork!
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God this is stunning.
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Amazing!!! I want to be like you ^^
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It is amazing how this was painted with watercolors because it shine so brightly as thought it was digitally painted. Good job
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why did u draw a white person in a native american headdress? isn't that racist? or is this piece about how it's racist and don't do it?
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Das ist einfach so wahnsinnig schön! Ich liebe diesen Blick und diese Entschlossenheit! All diese Farben und Details sind so unglaublich und passen so schön zusammen, das ist der Wahnsinn!
Richtig toll gemacht! :clap: Ich liebe es!
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This is a lovely piece of art, and the colours/shapes in the headdress are absolutely gorgeous. However I am wondering as to why you have put a white person in a traditionally native headdress? Unless they are intended to be native american, but if so you didn't portray that very well.
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