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Colour a moment

Hey Guys!

Its a watercolourpainting on a 17x24 cm watercolourpaper.

If you like my art follow me on DA :iconpixiecold:

Other works:

My facebookfanpage: [link]

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Image size
3752x2636px 6.03 MB
Shutter Speed
1/15 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 18, 2012, 9:05:10 AM
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© 2012 - 2021 PixieCold
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Originality: 4.0 due to the fact that there are numerous amounts of detached eyes around. But I do love the use of color and the way you seem to have made an outline around the streaking and the pops of white doodle-like details.

Technique: 5.0 for me. I can only guess as to how you accomplished the white swirls and finer detailing and use of highlights in the reflection of the iris/pupil. The splatters draw the audience's eye around quite nicely, starting from the middle of the pupil and working out clock-wise with the use of blue tones. Even your highlights on the eyelashes makes the eye seem more realistic.

Impact: 5 Simply breathtaking. I wish I had the talent you do for this and the amount of color blending is amazing!The feeling of cosmic eyes are not uncommon but this was done with great detail and thought with it.

Vision: 5.0 interesting use of media and color and definitely gets the cosmic/magical whimsical theme across quite nicely.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

Wonderful work, it is, but it's no different from your normal works and full paintings. I like the refreshing colours however and how there's shapes and patterns which is great to add in. I love how the lashes are done and the shines in the eyes, the addition of colour splashes and dots gives the overall appearance some difference and that it's not exactly just another eye. I love the very slight outline on everything, how it's not all about just realism and is even childish in some parts - in a good way - with the stars and circles and dots and the pattern. Also the signature, the bit of text added in gives it some bad points and some good points; The bad thing is, it distracts slightly from the overall appearance but the good part is that it's not something done for fun (although I'm sure you enjoy making your works) or just like that, unreasonably and that it's meant for people to enjoy it.
Other than that I like your style even though it's slightly repetitive.

I hope the rating is alright and keep up the good work.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

-5 Star for the Vision-
The quality of your watercolor painting is wonderful and very realistic. the quality of the camera is also great and it captured the wonderful painting of the eye and also the colors of the painting.

-4.5 Star for Originality-
I have seen a lot of abstract drawings and paintings like this but mostly, your art is my favorite because of the wonderful colors and the way you mixed the colors in the painting but I suggest, Try doing lips and I'll give you 5 Star ^_^ [Remember, it's just a Suggestion]

-5 Star for Technique-
The way you mixed the colors, making the eye realistic, and capturing the very wonderful colors is amazing. The quality of the painting is wonderful! Your sweat in making this painting is totally worth it

-5 Star for the Impact-
The impact is very great because your deviation is already in the home page of deviantART means your deviation is amazing and a lot of people put this in their favorite list.

I hope you'll do more paintings and More Power ^_^
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Very nice organization of the text.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

I absolutely love this. I'm a huge sucker for eyes, so this stood out to me immediately.

What I like most about this are the colours and shades. At first, I was like, "Wait, pink, green, and yellow, even orange? Colour overload." However, once I took the time to process this piece of art, I immediately saw that everything fit and was complementing each shade/colour.

You did a fantastic job on the iris and the reflection! I'll say this right now, I wish I had the talent to do what you did. That's what drew me in. You used watercolour, and that's hard enough, in my opinion, and then you somehow created a vivd, realistic reflection in the eye. That's very, very important, and takes a lot of talent, so good job.

What I would recommend for this piece is actually something very little. While the eye is the main focus of this piece, I kind of feel that the extra little splash dots surrounding it come in quantity. What I'm trying to say, is, maybe it would benefit you and the piece if you used fewer dots. Trust me though, this is so small that it can be ignored and the piece still is breathtaking.

If I had the money to buy this, I would. Absolutely. Very good job!
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This piece is beautiful!! I love the reflections in the eye and the iris. The spurts of colour work really well with the whole piece!! Very well done :D
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I want to buy thiss
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This is amazing!!
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<3 <3 ohne Worte <3 <3
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Wow! :) I´m too far away to buy it i think hehehe.
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There are so many colors in this drawing, but they're all blended together so nicely that they work. The eye is definitely realistic looking, minus the drips of multi-colored tears (or whatever it's supposed to be) dropping from the eye. Overall, I say this is a very nice drawing. I enjoy drawing eyes as well!
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Bin echt begeistert von dem Bild. Bin erst zwei Tage hier und seh so viele gute Künstler...
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your use of color is inspiring :)
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Wonderful done again! :clap:
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freaking beautiful *-*
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Hello artists! Please check out my art! Thanks! I would really appreciate it ! c{:
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wow ! this is so awesome !! the colour of the eye is soo clear , its like realistic ~
a-dame-like-that's avatar
Wow! I wouldn't change a single thing about this piece ! It's perfehe way it tis! 0{:/
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Wow! Amazing. So inspiring also!!
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what an amazing artwork! i would buy it if i could!
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Wow, this is beautiful...
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love it love it love it
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