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Jack Frost

By Pixie-tenshi
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Decided to paint something more realistic...and seeing as how much i fangirl over jack frost from ROTG, i had to paint him! >///< I'm not sure how much i like the outcome of this tho...will practice more!

The pose reference i used was from a cosplay photo i found. The cosplay was by Liui Aquino. Credit goes to him and the photographer!

Liui Aquino :iconliui-aquino: (go check out his cosplays~)
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OMG why do you need to practice? That are amazing!!
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OMFG.... my ovaries just exploded
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one does not simply not squeal at the cuteness of Jack frost
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This is amazing! Great job! <3
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VERY NICE! Hope you don't mind, I gave you credit but am using it as a story cover on WDC: www.writing.com/main/view_item…
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Thank you  >////<  Oh! i dont mind at all! thanks for crediting! :D
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hehe thank you~ :D
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This is a BEAUTIFUL painting of Jack! I feel really awkward for asking this, but may I use this picture as a cover image for a fan fiction of mine? I will definitely give credit to you and the cosplayer and photographer. It is perfectly ok if you don't want me to ^^
Anyways, great job! Love it!
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owow thanks! im glad you like it! OMG!! Really? 0_0 you want to use it for a fanfiction cover? >////< Of course you may use it! there is no need to feel awkward at all~ *im honoured that anyone would even want to use it in the first place! akjdlajdlasj!*
Thank you so very much for actually asking first~ im sure there are many people out there who would just simply use it. So its just very much appreciated when someone does ask permission. <3<3
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Eh, no problem! I try to give credit when it's due, and I totally understand your problem about people not asking permission first -.- Psh, how can anyone not use this picture? It is sooooo much better than I can even think of drawing ^^ I'm so glad you're letting me use this! I'm so excited that I finally have an image! Yeee! Anyways! I can send you a link of my fan fiction if you want to make sure that I gave you and the rest full credit, but you certainly don't have to ^^ I just know I'd like to see the picture if it was actually mine. WOO long message. Anyways, thank you so so so much! *hearts*
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awww youre welcome~ ooo! yeash you can send me the link~ not so i can check if you credited me, (im pretty trusting which can be my own downfall at times) but i would love to read your fic! :D <3<3<3
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Sorry for the delay, I was updating my other stories and I got a job and such... Aww, thank you so much! You're awesome! Here's the link! (I hope it works) I LOVE you for letting me use your freaking awesome picture! 
I really hope you like my fanfic, but it's completely ok if you don't ^-^ I'm just happy that you're taking an interest in it! Thank you again!!!! 

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Hi there. Sorry to have to tell you this. But, ~flickahorses is stealing your art. here's a link to the pic she stole from you -> [link] .
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sorry for replying so late. 0_0 holy mother of pearl...i really dont know what to say... I did check up on the link you posted and it appears they've taken it out of their gallery. I thank you very much for letting me know! It's very much appreciated!
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Actually, no. It's still there. Look, here's the link, again -> [link] . All she did was hide all the images she stole from the featured part of her gallery. But, they're all still there.
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oh my gosh....oh my gosh.... just....oh my GOOOSH.....i can't put into words how AMAZED I am....this is just....OH MY GOD! :iconpervplz:
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ahahahah! omai! Thats a similar reaction i had when i first saw Jack Frost in the movie. XD (even tho it had to be silent fangirling as not to disturb the ppl in the cinema...yesimthatweird)
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Потрясающе красивый))
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WOW! His eyes are incredible! So real, so deep.... The hair is soft but I still have a little bit "icy" feeling ( in good way). :squee: this is perfect!
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