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Adoptables-Japanese Folklore (AUCTION CLOSED)



PLEASE NOTE! Although the auction is closed, there are still adoptables left that need homes! So, we are going to incorporate Autobuy. I know we maybe should've done it at the start, but we weren't sure of what price to set D: So even though auctioning is closed, you can still adopt the homeless youkai with the autobuy. We have decided to place the autobuy at USD 15 per youkai.

Our very first set of adoptables! I do hope they will go to good homes! Our theme for this first set is Japanese folklore! :D

Some info on our youkai~!   Nobuko and Takeo are guardian komainu siblings, the ancient protectors of the shrine gates. 
                                             Zashiki Warashi- the child youkai who brings good fortune to the households she inhabits.
                                             Bakeneko- the cat youkai.
                                             Tomiko and Shiro- Kitsune twins. The pair represent yin and yang personalities. Dont let their appearances fool you! Although he looks like the white and pure kitsune, Shiro is a
                                                                                                  mischievous trouble maker. Whereas Tomiko is the timid and soft hearted twin.
                                             Yuki Onna- The beautiful snow woman known to lure lost men to their demise...

So lets get this party started! But first, some T's and C's.

Autobuy for unsold youkai:  USD 15


- Zashiki Warashi :
- Bakeneko :


-Nobuko :  Adopted by :iconkirana-chan: 

-Tomiko :  Adopted by :iconmashimotosan: 

- Shiro :  Adopted by :iconmashimotosan: 

- Takeo:  Adopted by :iconkirana-chan: 

Artists : 
:iconartphish:   :iconpixie-tenshi: :icondevilene:

Please Read all the rules before you take any action

1. Payment in USD, paid through paypal.
2. Closing date: 17 May 2014, 12 pm , Malaysia time time.sirim.my/ 
3. Bidding starts at USD 10.  We will post a comment with Bid here. Reply to this comment for your new bid.
4. Minimum increase of USD 5 per bidding
5. Bidder with highest bid at the end of the time period will win the youkai adopt~ :D 
6. When bidding, please specify the name of the youkai you want with your bid amount. 
7. Please do not send any notes for bidding! Thanks!
8.  NO TRACING or STEALING of our art please! 
9. For all those bidding, do keep an eye on the bidding price so that you don't get outbidded. We will update the price whenever we can~
10: The winning bidders will receive the full res file/jpeg image of their youkai.

* Do feel free to request or commission art of your youkai! We'd be happy to oblige drawing them for you again and in a different style! Including their animal forms~ * (if the artists have time to that is eheh...)

Thats it for the rules of the auction! ^ ^ *phew* glad thats out the way! Buuut here are some terms of adoption...
In purchasing these characters you are purchasing the right to use them as you wish. You may edit the colours as you want and add what personality you like.  The overall design rights and original art will still belong to the respective artists. Please do not use the original art for any commercial use. If you plan to use the original art for non profit purposes, we kindly request that you credit the artists or doujin group (NiaCube).  Please do not resell our babies. When you adopt them, we expect them to stay with you. XD  

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Ahhh at last, you guys put up an adoptables batch! And I knew it, it turned out splendid! Good work, you guys! :iconyeahplz: :iconclappingplz:
They all look really wonderful. :D

Unfortunately, I will not be bidding like I originally wanted to. :'D -went on a ban from buying adopts and commissions last week till wallet recovers LOOOOL-
Definitely continuing to watch you guys though! Hopefully I can get one in the future, aha. <3