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March 1, 2009
alliewriting. by ~pixie-dixie-rulz is a very sweet font - one for the girls!
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a lot of people have been asking how to install the font, so I made a video tutorial. you can see it here: [link]

my god, a DD.
thank you guys for all the faves and comments.

download = GET.

preeeeetty similar to my handwriting. P:
the lowercase 'L' kind of bothers me, but I had to do this so it wouldn't look like a '|'... maybe I'll fix it on a near future?!

also I might fix the lowercase 'I' and the uppercase 'W'.

I did almost all special alphabet letters too (á, ê, ç, ñ, ü, ø, + whatever else you might think that is not on a standart alphabet)

feel free to use. credit is not wanted, but always welcome. :'3
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Beautiful work. :heart:

InklingGirlIsOut's avatar
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Thanks for the font! I love it :heart:
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Ahhh so helpful!
Thank u sweetie <3333
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thank you for this font , beauty
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Pretty cool-looking... I make personal birthday cards and this will be a nice addition. Thanks!
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*-* Qué adorable fuente
nice font, i love it
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Beautiful typo, i love it! <3
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This is my systm font xD 
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hi Allie

Do I need to pay for this fonttype if I want to use it in my daily work. (printer)

Nice Font. Download?
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DL'd! Thank you for this! :)
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It's beautiful. I wanted to practice my handwriting since it's oh so horrible. =__=;
Thank you for the font! It's truly cute and girly!
i dont know how to download it >.<
and the link to the video dont help lol
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can I download ??
can I download ??
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Very cute handwriting :)
Thank you!
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