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Wow, I haven't been on DA for a while, and haven't uploaded anything for months. I have taken loads of photos, not sure if I'll upload or not. 

Well, just over 2 weeks ago I started Uni. I really hate it. I'm just staying focused on the subject because I love Photography <3


Thought I'd end this short yet pointless note on optimism :happybounce:
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For those of you who assumed by the title, no I am not pregnant :p

Today, I finally got my first DSLR camera <3
I've wanted one for years, and today I finally got one, just in time for University, which I'm pretty excited for <3

I can't wait to take millions of photos of EVERYTHING :happybounce:
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So, yesterday was A Level results day, aka: The day I find out whether I get into Uni and follow my dream. 

At first, the grade I needed for Photography wasn't the same as what I got.. and I was extremely worried. AS was brought down last year because of certain situations in my class, so everyone's grades were lowered.. 

I then opened my emails on my phone, very worried. I mean I've been through so much rejection this year, but I was still trying to remain positive.

I had an email from UCAS, and I only bloody got into University!!
I was so happy, and my boyfriend and my friends who were there were really proud of me :meow:

So, all the persistence worked in the end :meow:

I have always been told how much of a failure I am, how untalented and useless I am, and how I'd never do anything with my life. I've only gone and proven those people wrong. I'm so happy :happybounce:

And as a wise Pokemon once said:

'I see now the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are'- Mewtwo, Pokemon the First Movie.  
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Ok, so I noticed I haven't done a post on here in a long time.. 

Last time I posted, I was rather down because I got rejected from the Universities I applied for. Since then I indeed had more rejection. I mostly tried to focus on the positives and keep going and trying hard with my A Levels and such, which I finished in June, and I get my results in 2 days time.. scary!

Just as things were looking bad, I had finished my A Levels, and had no idea what I was doing next. I applied for a course through UCAS Extra, but tried not to think of it too much otherwise I'd get my hopes up. It was for Cinematography, which everyone says I'm better at than Photography. I do enjoy it a lot. In fact what got everyone noticing my Cinematography was mine and my friend Vic's coursework for A2 Media.. 

In fact, here's a link. If you have time, give it a watch! It's a short documentary on a Radio station :3…

..But yeah anyway getting back on the subject, I applied for this course but tried to put it out my mind for a bit. I submitted the stuff they wanted including an essay. The only person at the time I told I was applying to the course was my boyfriend Ryan, as I didn't want to tell everyone if I failed. Again. 

I then got asked to do a photo commission by my Auntie's partner, who owns a couple of local small business's, which I was chuffed about! I got paid for this too, which I put towards a new camera. They loved the photos so much that they said they'd only ever hire me, and that my photos were better than the ones the professional lady took (I know, I was shocked too!). 

So chuffed with my latest photography success, a few days later (obviously I had an interview but tried to forget about it as I always had millions of them), I got a job! A part time retail job, which is great as I can now save up some money! 

So chuffed with my new job position and the fact my photography was being used, I a few weeks later got asked to do an even bigger commission! (For the same people). I was chuffed and it was lots of fun. 

And then the day before I actually did the commission..
I only got myself a conditional offer for Bournemouth University! They phoned me up and said I was more suitable for Photography than Cinematography. I think the photo commissions I sent them really helped! It's in Salisbury rather than Bournemouth (which is a shame as BU is down the road from me) but I'm still chuffed!

I then did the commissions, got paid. Again, putting this towards a camera, which I should get soon, I've been saving!

So yeah, everything has been looking up for me recently, which is great as the last few years for me have been filled with rough patches, but I still keep going. I'm pretty content right now.

In 2 days time, I find out for definite if I'm in Uni. Fingers crossed eh? 

Also, check out the website which has my photos on (except the obvious mobile phone ones, they weren't me :p )

They're mostly at the bottom of the pages. A gallery is going to be added soon to show more pictures :meow: :happybounce:
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Well, I have now been rejected for all the Universities I applied for.
Its safe to say, I feel like absolute crap and my confidence is even lower than usual.
I really don't know what to do next..
I just feel terrible, I mean its my friends 18th birthday tonight which I've been looking forward to, but I don't even know if I can face people today.
Well, the two rejections in two days hasn't given me much of a confidence boost!
Although I can still take pride in the fact I am a Pokemon Master! :happybounce:

Yeah, I've been applying for Photography courses, as I've always loved Photography, despite being recommended against it..
Perhaps I should have listened, or perhaps things will go amazingly.

The University I want to go to the most hasn't rejected me yet, in fact I have an interview in 2 weeks. I am very nervous though, more than I was before!
It says its because of the interviews. I'm shy so interviews don't come natural to me. Aaaah what do?

If I don't get into Uni, please say hi when I'm stood in town trying to sell you a Big Issue :meow:
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Well, it was so awesome I decided to dedicate a journal entry to it :meow:

I went as a Teddiursa (of course) and got to see many of my friends, and meet lots of awesome people!
I even talked to people and hugged them without running away!

I know right?! I was shocked too!

But yes, myself :icondrownedcalamari: and :iconkamikazewarbat: were of course a fabulous trio of two Pokemon and their spiffing Gentleman trainer!
Even if said trainer leaves his Pokemon to get eaten alive by wild Sentret D:

But yes, possibly one of the best weekends of my life, twas such fun!
Myself and Penney also managed to film footage for our Media documentary, when its done I'll post a link on here or something :meow: Its a documentary of Anime, Manga and Cosplay, where we follow Iysa around, like the creepers we are.

So anyways, a short but sweet journal entry here! I currently have Expo blues! Boo!
Oh, and we survived London, and get in a car crash when we get back into Bournemouth, damn you Bournemouth! Especially Winton!

I'm still massively hyping about the whole weekend! I can't wait until next year :happybounce:
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Well, today I got told for numerous reasons I shouldn't pursue Photography, it wasn't said in a mean way or anything, but there were a lot of aspects to why I shouldn't do it.

I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed..

See, Photography is what I've wanted to do since I was little, but for a lot of reasons, a lot relating to my personality and traits, it looks like it won't be such a good idea. Its a shame :(

I'll have to see what I could pursue instead, although I am a little reluctant. Lots of people have told me that I should be a costume designer (before today), and I got told that today too, although I'm alright at designing, my sewing skills are very minimal.

So yeah, I'm really not sure what to do. I'm open to suggestions, and I will be grateful for them. I'm just a bit, well I don't know.

Suppose I can always keep Photography going as a hobby..
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about yourself
3. Then answer the question the tagger gives you
4. you must choose up to 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged him/her
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about " you are tagged if you are reading this " You legitimately ( AKA, really, truly, with all honestly) have to tag 11 people.


I don't have 11 peeps on here, so this'll have to do ^^

11 Things About Mee! -
1. I have a lot of trouble understanding everything, situations, people etc, its not me being thick, it was developed through my non existent confidence and lack of people skills :L
2. I suck my thumb when I am sleepy, although this has increased recently as I am always sleepy :meow:
3. I can crack most of the bones in my body, most people think its gross ^^
4. I'm not comfortable around many people, but I am often told I am good company by those I feel comfortable around
5. A lot of bad things have happened to me, and still continue, but what makes me feel safe is my teddy bear *ultra gaaaay*
6. When I was little, after seeing the episodes of Pokemon with Snap in them, I drew backgrounds and took photos of all my Pokemon plushies *facepalm*
7. My nails grow really fast, even when I'm sick, the longest my thumb nail has been is about 4-5 inches.
8. I set myself specific goals in my head, and this gives me a focus to achieve, this isn't just academically, but socially and personally too, its always good to aim for something.
9. I've been insulted more times than I have been complimented, but I usually stick the mental middle finger to all the insults.
10. I love drawing, its not my main area of artistic enjoyment, but I've been drawing little cartoon characters since I was 2 :)
11. I may look really 'cute' and 'small' but some stuff I say is totally vulgar, I mean even the people who know me best are shocked every time I say something vulgar.

These are :icondrownedcalamari: 's questions to me ^^

1. What is your favourite thing to Drink ?

I'm going to have to say Dr. Pepper Zero, or possibly Diet Vanilla Coke :)

2. are you obsessed with something or someone ?

I'm pretty obsessed with Pokemon and Disney..

3. Favourite Game ( video or other )

Pokemon Heart Gold

4. Would you rather, Draw or take photos ?

Take photos, but I do love to draw :3

5. Favourite Genre of film ?

Kids films, I know thats not a genre, but I'm not in my Media lesson right now :P

6. Favourite Animal ?

Hmm, there's a few, but I'm going to have to go with a Penguin

7.Where do you or would you, like to go on holiday ?

If I weren't claustrophobic, I'd love to go to New York, but I also would love to go back to Disneyland Paris :3

8. what is one of your dirty little secrets ?

One time, the sink looked a little dirty, and a member of the family really upset me that day (I was 9) so I cleaned the sink with their toothbrush, eww!

9. what is the closest living thing to you right now (how close?, in feet)

My dad is downstairs? I have no idea what that is in feet

10. What is you favorite book ?

Alice in Wonderland, or possibly Tokyo Mew Mew

11. would you go poke that living thing that is closest to you, right now?

No :L

Nicky's questions to the tagged! :D

1. What is your favourite fruit?

2. Do you prefer smooth or crunchy peanut butter?

3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?

4. What is your favourite artistic area? Crafts, Photography etc...

5. If you could be inside your favourite TV program, would you?

6. Coke or Pepsi?

7. What is your favourite anime?

8. Did you ever do anything 'cheeky' or 'naughty' when you were little?

9. Do you feel family or friends are more important?

10. Do you enjoy rain?

11. Can you curl your tongue?
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Well, my new Nikon Bridge camera had been acting up for a few weeks through no fault of my own, and I finally noticed it was deteriorating on Sunday..
As it is still new and I had insurance and such, the nice people in Jessops switched my camera, but because my Nikon L810 is discontinued, they had to give me a different brand camera, but the actual camera itself is a bit better than the one I had in the first place, so Nicky's new photographic companion is
*drum roll*
A Fujifilm FinePix SL245!
Hopefully my pictures and my coursework will improve immensely, as my other one hadn't been taking very good pictures recently :(
But I have a camera again :meow:
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Okay, so this little shop is open near my house for a few weeks, where they sell peoples craft stuff
They've put my Crayon Mirror in their shop!!! :D
The lady in there also wants to see my other stuff!!
She's got my details and everything, and oh my gosh, something of mine is in a shop!
Aaaaahhhh!!! :happybounce:

I'm so happy!! :D
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  • Watching: How I met your mother
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Well, as many of you know, the school holidays are coming to its inevitable end..

Part of me is pleased about this, it'll be nice not being at home all day, and as an overall, this summer holidays has not been very good for quite a few personal reasons...

The other part of me has the same sinking feeling I get when I turn my calender to September every year. The dread of going back to school, another year of both mental and social struggles. I'm pretty terrified, and extremely nervous. I mean I know the school I am at now is the best one I've ever been to, but I still get faced with many struggles and am filled with dread.

I'm a real creature of habit, and each year brings something new, just as I get comfortable with the last one. I don't know, I've kind of always struggled with school really, both the social and the academic aspects.

The thought over the past few days has made me all shakey and crap, so hopefully the next coming/ final year of schooling shouldn't be too bad, we'll just have to see..

On a brighter note, I sold two of my Brooches that I made yesterday :)
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Today, I was in Poole Dolphin Centre (for those who don't know, Poole is the town next over from me) and went past loads of awesome Photography props!

Basically, a travelling Photographer is in Poole for about 2 weeks, and had loads of awesome props, sets and photos, all of them being portraits of children, which I love doing. He saw me looking interested and spoke to me for a bit and gave me some advice about becoming a Photographer and programmes and such. He then asked me about my interests, and I said about how I've spent my Summer working on my Photography.

After this, he took down my number and said that he'd contact me and give me the chance to practise a bit, and learn some stuff!!
I'm all excited because the sets are sooo awesome, and there was toadstools and teddy bears and such! :D I'm very excited for this!

I'm glad to finally get some good luck too! The last few months have been extremely rough for various reasons, especially the last few days, so I'm extremely excited about this prospect!

Hopefully I'll learn lots of new stuff, and my stuff will start improving and such :D


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Well, today I looked around the shops and such to compare various Bridge Cameras and..


I've wanted one since I was about 10, as thats when my Photography interest prominently started. Hopefully there shall now be improvement within my Photography pieces! Its a really awesome camera, and I went for a Nikon, as my compact is a Nikon, and it was the best I found for the price :D

Basically I am very happy with said purchase, and I'm so happy I got a Bridge camera! I can't wait to be able to take more photos! (Just time to get more models!)

I know its not an SLR or anything, but I am still over the moon, aaahh :D

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Well, over the summer I am trying to create some images for my Portfolio, which I shall hopefully use for any University interviews I get :)
I need to mostly focus on Documentary, Fashion, Advertising and Portraiture, so I have been looking through some pictures for inspiration and such.

I am also doing some side projects which may also be added to the portfolio, this involves the theme of Fantasy!

Most people I know are busy quite a lot and such, so getting models is a difficulty D:
But of course it is a challenge I am willing to set myself!

I even bought a giant ice lolly prop for photographs today ^^

Its time to start doing more research on existing Photography, then plan out my photographs and get hold of models :D
This is all so exciting :3
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Well hey there!

I finally got a DeviantART :D

I shall be uploading previous artistic stuffs over the next whenever :D So be prepared!
I know I currently have no watchers, but hopefully I shall soon :D