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Layout for my upcoming website
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is amazing, what program you use for this type of work
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its a photoshop
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Very nice work zeesh!!!!! Cool
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Hello, I featured your amazing design in 60 Trendy Web Design Interfaces Created In October 1stwebdesigner website!

Let me know if you don't like to be featured or have any problems with it! Thank you! :)
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Thanks alot bro for featuring my Art:)
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Nice zeeshany , but yaar pehaly wala zadah acha hai is say :)
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thanks bro, han yaar but us layout say laghta hay kay mein sirf flash mein hi kaam karta hoon:(
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in the first .. the whole design is good but,i think if u use another creative banner & attractive will be so good :)
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Thanks dude, yes i am not happy with the haeder too:(
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your welcome..
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i would darken the middle part a bit
any nice layout
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yes will try that too ...thanks
this reads better to me. Take it or leave it:

who am i?

I'm Zeesh. I specialise in creating websites with visual flair.

I imagine myself as a user of my designs. Every site is built from the ground up to be user-friendly and adhere strictly to modern W3C standards.

My clients are guaranteed that their site will be attractive yet functional and importantly, completely cross-browser compatible.

what i provide

My primary concern is the same as yours; to deliver your message to the world. My job is to make things clear, compelling and available to everyone.

I'm a webdesigner with a great passion for ergonomics and accessibility. I'm skilled in HTML/CSS code and use jQuery scripts to bring my designs to life.
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thanks bro, hope this will work..:)
no worries. I'm just about to start my own web dev freelance mega adventure myself :)

best of luck to the both of us!
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best of luck dude:)
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I like ur current portfolio, this one is also good to go.
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Thanks bilal, yes i also like the current one but it gives a feel that i can just work in Flash:S
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