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Neon Open Sign 3D Resource



This was a 3D model I created for a project I'm working on. I thought that I would offer it as a 3D resource also.

Here's the deal, though. Unlike my vector resources - these 3D resources take a LOT more time and effort to create. Furthermore, people usually charge a fair amount for 3D resources and I'm offering these free.

So please honor my requests. They are fairly simple and I feel very fair.

1. Please :+fav: if you're going to download.
2. Please credit me if you use the resource.
3. Please link me to your new piece as I would love to see it.

That's it!!! Other than that you don't need to ask me about using the resource or anything like that.

Fair warning: I will only continue to post 3D resources if I feel that people are abiding by these requests.

About the resource:

Download for the *.RAR file. It contains the *.MAX file as well as a Collada *.DAE file.

If you need the file in some other format please note me and I will do my best.
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Thought it was a pic of some store when I first saw it lol Awesomeness tho!
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Thanks Shinobi!!! :D
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Wow! I thought this to be a REAL neon sign until I read your name under the deviation and KNEW it must be a 3D ressource. The reflection makes it look so real I think. Wonderful work again! :heart:
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Awesome looks real! WOW!