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Libertarianism Button by pixelworlds Libertarianism Button by pixelworlds
Libertarianism Button! (Download for the layered PSD file!)

Here's what you'll find here:

What is Libertarianism?
Several short, outstanding explanations of the basic principles of libertarianism. Quick reads -- a great way to grasp the essence of libertarianism.

Short Definitions of Libertarianism
Lots of people have tried to put the essence of the libertarian philosophy into just a few sentences. Here are some of our favorites.

Libertarian FAQs ("Frequently Asked Questions")
Got questions? These FAQ's have short, concise answers.

Libertarian Positions on the Issues
Want to know more about how libertarians feel about a particular issue -- gun control, the War on Drugs, the minimum wage, and many more? Here are some great sources for answers.

Visions of a Free Society
What would a libertarian society be like? How would it be like ours -- and how would it be different? Here are some speculations.

Are Libertarians Conservatives, Liberals, Right, Left
-- Or Something Else?

On issues of personal liberty, libertarians may sound like liberals. On economic issues, libertarians may sound like conservatives. Which are they? Or -- are they something else entirely?

Books on Libertarianism
Here are a few excellent, easy-to-read books that explain libertarianism in more depth. We provide short reviews and tell where you can order them. PLUS: Many libertarian books are online in their entirety -- free for you to browse and read! (Isn't the Web wonderful!)

Leading Libertarian Links
There are hundreds of libertarian organizations, think-tanks, political groups, publications, and the like. Here are some (not all!) of the most respected and best-known.

Libertarianism website here: [link]
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