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Infinity Stamp

Infinity Stamp

I keep telling people I'm not doing more stamps - but here is another one! :O_o: I don't understand how this happens?!

You can find the Twlight version here: [link]


:dance: 100 :+fav:'s!!!! :dance:

My first ever deviation to reach 100!!! Thanks goes to :iconsheryllabouchardiere: who got number 100!!!!!

Thanks to :iconchr1zzel: who got :+fav: number 200!!

Thanks to :icondjsedj: who got :+fav: number 300!!!
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Nice...I wish it came in yellow...
I'll be using this anyway.
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@_@ OMG thank youuuuuuuuu :la:
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do you know that if you stare at it it's kinda hypnotizing :nod:
btw you are way over 400 (almost 500 actually)
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Wow, this looks awesome!
I wouldn't normally like a simple "infinity" stamp but the animation on this one is freakin' amazing.
You've got skills. :worship:
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amazing! Using, if you don't mind!
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Of course! Feel free! And thanks for the comment CD!
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200th fave! <33 love it!
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:D Thanks Chr1zzel!! I made of note of it on the deviation! :D
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Great stamp! ^__^
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Thanks so much for the comment and the :+fav: SnailLove! I appreciate your support! Out of curiosity - how does someone fall in love with snails?! :D
snail-love's avatar
Welcome ^__^ and it's love at first sight with snails ^^
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That's amazing!, that would be such a great addition to Squad Infinity (our little ninja group lawl), I really can't stop looking at it, FAV FAV NAOW!
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Thanks for the kind words and the :+fav: Shinobi! Please feel free to use the stamp any way you wish. There is also an avatar I made from the stamp by request of another deviant. If you'd like you can use it also. You can find it here: [link] (It's a little faster as I had to lose some of the frames to get it to come in under 15kb)

If you're interested - I can create a stamp and/or avatar for Squad Infinity. I took a look at your gallery and I see that you have a pretty good design going on already that you're using as a deviantID. I could base it off that if you'd like??
shinobishinigami's avatar
No problem that was a great stamp!

- Hey, that would be so freaking awesome if you did that, if you really want to go ahead, i'm really excited for that, yes YES go ahead and do it, and yea, that design I made was when I first started using photoshop :) I haven't tried anything like that for a while, but it would be so awesome if you did a stamp or avatar for squad infinity!
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Funny :confused: when i saw this stamp,
the radio station i was listening putted a song called Infinity 2008 xD
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Lol~! Because of you I searched out and downloaded that song!! I LOVE it! Thanks for the suggestion Leon! I appreciate it! :D :dance: :)
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@_@ *has been hypnotically staring at this for a few minutes now*

Awesome stamp! I'm putting this one up if you dont mind :iconpancakeglompplz:
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