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Evil Apple

So I found this image during a google search and decided to vectorize it and offer it as a resource.

Here's the sad part - I recently became the owner of a MacBook Pro. I HAD TO I SWEAR!!! My new school requires us to use this laptop!

...but it is kinda nice to have a laptop! :ashamed:

Congrats to :icondjsingle: who got fav number 100!
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Love. Could i use it in an book cover? I would link and give credit. Thanks for considering!
Thank you! I'll link when I've got it ready. I've got to make it less Apple-y. :)
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LOVE! how did I not think of that one >_< I don't like all...this is fabulous!
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haha, this is awesome :worship:
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love this, i've got one of these as my wallpaper..............on my toshiba xP

i myself and going to have to get a macbook pro for school, but besides the price, i'm totally not complaining. Always loved the macbook pro
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I really love this vector and how dare you get a MacBook Pro! I do understand about your school mine does the same. Macs do have their place I just really don't like how they do business. They don't really share their technology but expect everyone else to convert theirs to work with them.
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lol, this is great!
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:star: This vector resource has been featured in the following news article: Featured Group: #AI-Resources.
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[link] ~ I've posted the entry :)
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MacBook Pros are the best laptops out there, especially from Apple's line of laptops. I have one too, I just got it this year. I waited 8 years... yes EIGHT years to have one!! Its the best, don't kid yourself.

Anyhow I'm planning to feature this in a future blog post on I will be linking to this page and I hope that it is alright with you. If you do not want it to be featured please contact me and let me know. Leave a comment on my blog or message me back through here. Thanks Christie aka girloncanvas
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I'll probably get disowned by my PC friends for this - but I LOVE my Macbook Pro! I didn't know what I was missing! :ashamed: But to be honest - it isn't really the products that cause me to dislike Apple - I don't like how proprietary they are. You can usually only use Apple products with Apple products with some heavily restricted exceptions.

Please feel free to use the image as you like g-o-c! :D And thank you!
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Yeah I can understand that, my boyfriend feels the same. But I know in his heart he really wants a mac, and he's wayy jealous hahaha

I'll let you know when I post the entry, so you can see it :)
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great vector, though.
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LOL. I swear by my mac...
I destroy laptops. Always have, always will. Macs are the only things that can stand up to my every day usage... No matter what anyone else says, they're built better. I wreck any windoze machine in 8 months... My macs last years and I don't treat them any different.
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Actually - and don't tell anyone this - I'm really diggin my MacBook Pro! Lol! But really the reason I hate Apple isn't because they make a bad product - I just hate how proprietary they are. The rest of the world is busy opening up formats and making hardware with high levels of interconnectivity - and than here is Apple still making software and hardware that will only work with Apple approved products. It is a dangerous thing try in today's day and age. It put Compaq out of business and got them bought by HP. And you would think that Steve Jobs would know better than ANYONE how dangerous that can be because the same attitude almost put Apple under in the 90s.
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Good idea...
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Mwahahaha...!! The new desktop-picture for my HTC Desire :evillaugh:
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I don't get why pc users feel like they have to hate macs(because they use pc's?). I hear people saying that they hate windows and vista was a disaster, but if you hate macs then this is what you are going to have to deal with. I don't hate pc's or am in love with macs, but I definitely like the user friendly OS.
One thing that I really do hate about apple though is that the cost to buy them is so much greater than the cost to produce them. Markup anyone? [Have you heard of the recent rash of employee suicides at plants that make iPads and iPhones?]
It's not like you have to buy the latest iteration of mac when it comes out. And the numbers game... all pc's come with larger hard drives and more ram, yet use alot of the same hardware. When I ask someone with a pc laptop what they have it's "Oh I have a "whatever-brand" with a 500g hard, 4(+) gig ram", etc.(laptop). The differences are negligable, different buttons to do the same things, just learn which do what, is it that hard?
Oh, about the vector graphic, pretty sweet! love the shattered effect and the reflections. looks like a real apple logo, just like a disgruntled employee did it, "fuck you Jobs, and your little mac too!"
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You know this symbol is actually sort of true about Macs. I mean when someone purchases the latest Mac product, the next year there is always something better and new(Ipad, Iphones, Ipods), and Mac fanatics can't help but go and buy it right away. Not only that, but Macs are quite delicate like the Iphone, if you drop it once by accident, it breaks and you have to pay so much just to get it replaced, while a regular cellphone you can just exchange or better yet they don't break that easily(happened to my sister's). They certainly like to take money. Had a Macbook(was really happy), the day after I bought it it didn't work anymore and it was brand new, I just went and settled with Dell. Mac could probably take over the world and people wouldn't even realize it. I'm not saying it's bad to buy a Mac, cause some people need the features they have on it for their jobs and careers. Mac literally does take a bite out of people. I'm sorry it's just I had a humanities course talking about Humans and Technology, and they were talking about people and Macs, and I saw a different view of it, and this symbol definitely represents it. I really Like it :D
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great image, I'm not a fan of macs either I found too slow and difficult to use.
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