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Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie caricature.
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Anyone know any F/m handgags from Angelina Jolie?
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Amazing, i love  your style
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you really got the character and her usual cool attitude :D

it's funny, she's probably the actress with the most natural and convincing "devilish naughty sexy vamp torbid stare" in Hollywood, when she's probably one of the most good hearted ones xD 
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 even with exaggerated caricatures, she still comes off very well! Wow!
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Sadly, this is actually a spot on portrait of modern Angelina Jolie.
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She's always been like that :L
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more accurate than most xD
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Awesome job! She is the best Lara Croft ever and she should be her again!
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Can you draw a varicature for me for free?
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i like her character on KFP Tigress by the way and very nicely done
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wow! this is the best!!
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Arrest this bitch, she backs war and slaughter
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Nice one, great style
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This is a great piece. You've really captured her expression, yet it's still distinctly stylised. It's really effective :)
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i love it :-)!!!
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I see this on an advertisement on MySpace all the time. o_o One of those "cartoonify yourself" things.
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are you aware of this? [link]
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I've seen this picture in an ad...are you aware of that? I'm trying to find it again, but I can't find it at the moment.
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Yes, I found it being used on an ad in the Gizmodo RSS feed when using GoogleReader. I took a screenshot and put it here: [link]

The ad links to [link]
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