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Remember to give me credit for the original stock + send me a note when u use it... Thanks!

Wow! Today, October 31, for some reason I decided to take a look at my very very forgotten stock account and... God! A DD! Is a great honor, many thanks to `tExTuReMaTtIc and to ^thespook

Of course, thanks to all the people here in DA for the continue use of my stock here. Is really very appreciated.
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I will be using this as part of a background for a website.
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Hi! I used your amazing stock here:…
Thank you so much! :aww: :peace:
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Thank you for this great texture! Used here:
beidak's avatar
Using there:[link]
And there:[link] ;)

This is fantastic!!! :heart:
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Hello, on behalf of a Secret Teller I’d like to let you know that a secret has been submitted using your image.
On behalf of the Secret Teller, I’d like to thank you for the use of your image. You can find the secret HERE.

If you are a stock artist, you will find in our shoutbox a list of stock artists who we encourage our secret tellers to use.
If you would like to be added to this list, please send us a note letting us know so we can add you.
Also there is now a DAS YouTube account. There may be a chance a secret with your stock in it is added to the YouTube account. Do you mind your stock being used for this?

If you are not happy with your stock being used in DAS, please NOTE US with a link to the secret and a reason you don’t want it being used. We will then look into it.
We always reply to notes (we never reply to comments; it is very important that you send a note and not a comment) please wait for us to reply before you take any further action.
We have respected you by letting you know that your stock has been used and by giving credit to you in the secret. Please give us the same respect.

Once again thank you for the use of your image.

très beau ! merci pour le partage...
Used it here [link]
Thanks a lot it's really nice.
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I love the color and texture!
Darya87's avatar
Used and credited here: [link]
Thanks! :heart:
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thx, i'l use this in a free photoshop tutorial if it-s ok with you... i'l link your page as the source for the texture.
lumierepaschal's avatar
Congrats on the DD! Wonderful stock. I used it here...[link] and have credited and linked back to you.

Thank you.
onesixteen's avatar
Love, love, love. Used it here!
CLindstrom520's avatar
Used this as a background for a poem I wrote! Thanks! It works perfectly! Linked you as well!
juznobsrvr's avatar
I think this texture is great. I just used it on my art: [link]

and [link]

hope you approve :-)

thanks - rob
MonkeysUndles's avatar
Wow! Beautiful stock!

Question; did you make the paper look like that yourself by hand, or did you buy/ photoshop it like that?
BenjaminTDickens's avatar
Thanks for posting this for general use. It was posted in a recent work I did. I hope you approve and thanks again!
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Used your stock here...Leto and Zeus ... Thanks!
Hi, I plan to use it but am I allowed to change it (cutting and painting...)? of course all the credit goes to you.
Poisonessity's avatar
Thank you <3

Used here:

Alunethia's avatar
i'll try to use it :hug:
art70's avatar
My new work`s, thanks
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