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Photoshop Brushes for Hard Surface Sketching

By pixelstains
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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I uploaded a new brush set.

So, recently I’ve been on a robot drawing frenzy and I thought I’ll upload some brushes that I use for hard surface sketching.

For brush requests, ideas for future brush sets, or related questions you can email me at brushtip@pixelstains.net

The brushes are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll add a short description below anyway.

  • I use the first brush to establish planes, the gradation on the side makes the strokes feel a bit more dynamic.
  • Second one is a triangular brush, I use it for the same purpose as the first one.
  • The third brush is a rectangular textured brush. I like to use this to doodle around and find shapes.
  • The fourth brush is mostly for shading curved surfaces, I use it in combination with smudge brushes.
  • The 7th brush is for cut lines and other small details.
  • The rest of the brushes are basically just patterns, pipes and mechanical shapes I created for my recent sketches.


Design with values, add colors later.

For a more appealing effect use the brushes in combination with smudge brushes. You can find some smudge brushes here.

All my brushes are FREE to use both in commercial and personal art.
I do not request credit or back linking, but if you do I'll take it as a kind gesture.
If you want to keep up with the latest content you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter at pixelstains.net

© 2015 - 2020 pixelstains
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thank you ! god bless you !!!!!

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JRSILVA220499New Deviant

Thanks man!

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Gracias amigo!

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JOENSZICKProfessional Digital Artist


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deviantART-dogHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! You have great professional artwork! Thanks for creating them and uploading them to DeviantArt!
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Thank you for sharing ^^
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quintinarandleProfessional General Artist
you are the greatest...Chibi Sayori Having a crush be like- 
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SaikkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Will be trying these today!
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CupricHobbyist Digital Artist
Mh, I'll have to think how I can use this set and your fur set in one picture.. sounds fun XD Thank you!
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sonnyjapHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks Wink/Razz 
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CruzifixioProfessional Digital Artist
One question mate, what do you mean by "Design with values, add colors later."???
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BrennyMHobbyist Digital Artist
i've seen u add my work to your favourite a lot. but never checked out your profile. I just had a look and im so thankful. i've downloaded a few brushes and i hope you can recognise them in my work. i will always give u credit :)
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cheers! :D thanks for the kind words
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thanks, pal, trying them out.
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ART-KIMCAIDProfessional Digital Artist
Very generous. Thank you!~
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my pleasure!
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E-L-THobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I look forward to trying these out.
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My pleasure!
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