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5 Smudge Brushes for Digital Painting

5 smudge brushes for digital painting in photoshop.

I hope you like them!
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Absolutely amazing

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Thanks, will try them!

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that pack is great!

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thank you so much!!

Thanks a lot! :)

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Thank you so muchhh <3

the last brush looks like a good blending brush, can't wait to try the new brushes. Thank you!

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geez, i liked a lot the last one, very good!

Please how do i download the paint tool

this brush can be used in photoshop...

now if your are use a phone..

download google chrome and open this page. then tap on the upper right corner of chrome and search and check or tap


and you'll see that magic of the download button appearing near the lower right part of the viewer.. in line with share, report etc...


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Wow! Great brushes :)
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I have these brushes downloaded and installed correctly but all they do is paint with my selected color. They dont smudge at all. Am I doing something wrong?
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Have to select the smudge tool, then select the brush will work
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thank you thank you thank you i have been trying to smudge shadows and light thank you
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This is wonderful. would you at sometime be willing to do a DA video tutorial on using the smudge tools? I'm still new learning Photo-manipulations.... I've been using PS for a long time with photos. But this is so new to me and there seems to be so many ways DA artists here achieve these soft, beautiful, painterly, fantasy overall effect in their pieces. I want to learn that!!
Again, I am so glad i found your tools and your website (I subscribed)... thank you a million. :+fav: x 10!!!
SherylYaz :heart:
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Hey, Thank you so much!! <3

Sure thing, I'll do a tutorial on smudge tools next month :D
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Yay!! Thank you Thank you!! I look forward to it. :heart:
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omg you are a god. thank you.
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