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Free Seamless background tile. 2 pat files (same tile, 2.different resolutions) and Png file. Free to use for both personal and commercial projects, please credit me though. See the readme for more info.
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Buenísimo, Gracias.
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Used on my profile and here --->[link]
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Thank you, will credit if used.
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I am brand new to web design, can I use this in wordpress? It is beautiful!
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hey, would love to use this in my first blog design that I'm doing! I'm new to designing, so just want to clarify here.. what does giving credit entail? does it need to be posted somewhere on the actual blog design or just somewhere in the blog, or do I just need to tell the person I'm designing it for where it's from? thanks :)
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Nice color scheme!
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thanks for the great work, here is my blog after your beautiful BG

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Really nice!!
Beautiful work!
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You work, starting from your username and up to every design, is truly inspirational. I will submit some designs based on this and other patterns from you to a creative contest. You´ll be properly credited, and hopefully, rewarded too!
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Stunning talent and enviable design. I make e-cards for family and friends (nothing commercial) and would love to use this for vintage pieces I hope to make/something Spring-related/something Pennsylvania Dutch-related - this pattern would fit well into any of those categories. I'll make sure you're fully credited with the artwork and willl name your deviant-art location. Thank you very much!

I'm open for help making bezier curves if you have the time, lol. I totally can't get the hang of that in my art program (PaintShopPro).

thanks for it!
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Very Beautiful work!!
Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for this wonderful pattern! Would it be okay to use it for my website? ([link] sorry german-only at the moment, english will follow)
It is a private non-commercial website and you can find the pattern under "Tätigkeit"-->"Übersicht" and I made a link to your deviantArt profile as referrence, you can find the link under "Website"-->"Quellen".
Don't worry, the page where I used you pattern contains a list of my jobs at university over years. It will take some hours till it's online.
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very nicee... thanksss!!
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This is lovely!!
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wonderful pattern, loved it!
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