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Pixels-pretty-please is a group dedicated to all pixel lovers and pixelists. We aim to make pixels a more greatly appreciated type of art in this world and we hope everyone could come join us and share the interest of pixels!!
Anyone is allowed is join! Any type of pixel art are welcomed <3 Share and promote your artwork, let your artwork shine in from of others!

. : RULES : .

:bulletblue: Be nice to all members! We are all here to share and explore more pixels. Consecutive violations of this rule will result in blacklisting.

:bulletpink: Please submit your artwork to the correct folder! If you are unsure, submit to "miscellaneous". If you submitted to the wrong folder, don't worry, just re-submit to the correct folder but please tell us first.

:bulletblue: Criticism is welcomed on ALL artworks but please no rude criticism. It has to be constructive and helpful in a nice way.

:bulletpink: Rated and mature content is allowed ONLY with mature content filter on. If not, artworks will be automatically rejected.

:bulletblue: All affiliates are welcomed !!

more rules to be added along our adventurous journey with everyone else in Pretty-In-Pixels !! (: Enjoy and have fun

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Send the request, we accept all of them!!

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> Sketch: -50%
> Anime style or furrys: -15%
> Bust: $18
> Half Body: $24
> Full Body: $30

- Human
- Kemonomimi

NSFW Examples: DadDraw | Linktree

Commission Sheet by DadDraw

COMMISSIONS [OPEN]OPEN COMMISSIONS Read the following information first What I draw HumanFurrysNsfw (not portraits)KemonomimisDrawings with background not very complicated RULESYour commission information should be clear with clearly visible images- IMPORTANT WARNING: If you request an NSFW commission, you must do so at your own risk and with the understanding that you must be of legal age. Selling NSFW commissions is not illegal, but selling it to minors is, and I am not responsible if you lie about your age and get involved in controversy over it.Delivery time may be extended if personal complications occurWhen starting a commission, I create a folder with the project which will have a unique password so that the client can check its progress and the WIP at any time, so it is not necessary to request WIP of the process every dayIn case I have many outstanding commissions, I'll make a list that I'll share where you can see the turn you have ABOUT THE PRICESI receive only PayPalIf you want a commission send me an MP to talk about your commission and priceYou can also ask me for commissions through my Discord: standard prices below are for commissions with simple background with a single characterIf the commission has two or more characters the price goes up 50% for eachIf the commission has elaborate background it's $12 plusYou can find more info and examples here: NOW, THE COMMISSIONS !!,...

My Terms and Conditions here:
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Commission Sheet (OPEN) by DadDraw

✔ You can check the WIP of your commission at any time with unique password


Check more of my work by my social networks: DadDraw | Linktree

DM if you are interested !!
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