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Because Ash and Red are two different people both are very good trainers in their own respective rights.

A slight misspelling of his name but too lazy to change it >~>

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Ash has legilimately done some mistakes in the past, and yeah he's not the best trainer. That being said, the guy gets way much more shit than he should. I mean seriously, why do people want to overanalyze everything about him for the sake of finding excuses to make him look bad. He's just a kid who likes battles, is optimistic, and wants to be great (like, you know, every shonen protagonist) nothing more, nothing less. And he's not even a bad kid, really why do people have such a hard on of hate for this guy
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It annoys me to no end how everyone just calls Ash a terrible trainer and just praises Red (whom outside of the manga) is technically not even a character
Ash risks his life to save any and all of his pokemon even when they are jerks to him (Charizard being a prime example)
Ash puts his pokemon's desires before his own (letting Butterfree go, having Goodra protect the swamp, etc)
Ash never gives up on any of his pokemon (even if the odds are against him and his pokemon aren't in the best condition)

How does any of that make Ash "a bad trainer?"
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I have nothing to add.
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theres pokemon origins, an anime special
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yeah (I've seen it) what about it?
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No more Ash hate people
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Ash was probably my biggest childhood crush. I loved him so much, and I still do; for me, nothing's changed.

(We gotta stop all of this Ash hate!)
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i don't hate ash,he is in the middle of my top favorite character,i agree with this
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I couldn't agree more. I used to have a crush on him when I was eight. But yeah, Ash is a great trainer in his own right, and so is Red. I think that if they were to meet, they'd get along great because they have so much in common while still being two different people. :D
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Check this out, its relevant. -->…
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Because Pokemon isn't about battles!

It's about bonds!
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I agree I'm tired of the Ash hate which sprouted because of Best Wishes!
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It makes me feel all warm inside that there are people who appreciate Ash QuQ
He's a great protagonist, I'll tell you that and he deserves a lot more credit than he's getting. 
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I love this :) :iconashketchumplz: thank you soo much for making to beautiful artwork it captures ash so well :tear:
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I have always loved Ash as a character, even when I was a kid.
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In all honesty Ash is my most favorite character ever, and when people bash him it annoys the hell outta me. By the way thanks for making this it raises my spirit a little from the nonsensical Ash hate, honestly most the time the hate doesn't even make any sense cause you know what its derived from? HIM NOT AGING!!! I mean WTF!!!
Sorry got a little carried away there, anyway hopefully you get my point. 
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Great job on this!

I agree, I get tired of all the bashing Ash gets from fans. Ash is a representation that life is hard sometimes, and you may win, or you may fall. But you still get through it all with the help of those around you!


Red: Some guy who has so called "strong Pokémon"


Think I know who I would pick ;) (Wink) 

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