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I’ve gazed at this site for ages, striving to become good enough to get featured with the rest of the pros, and here I am today. What an honor. What an accomplishment. I still got tonnes to learn and much to improve upon, but this shows how far I’ve come in my quest in 3D visualisation. Right up there with the really talented pros. #awesome

I finally wrapped my latest 3D project up. I started Jim in the late summer of 2013 and it took about 3 months on and off from start to finish. I learned a lot of new stuff along the way and got better at other stuff too. I'm really proud of how far I've come with my 3D projects considering it's "just" a hobby and I've received no training other than online tutorials from places like Digital Tutors, ZBrush Workshops, Gnomon and Eat3D.

Check him out here and spread the word about his awesomeness:…
There he is - in my gallery. One hell of a project, but it was fun, and the result is awesome!

Now I didn't get to get featured on, but I'll keep trying with future projects. I suspect I'll get a no from 3DWorldMag as well, but I'm still waiting for an answer.

Now to spread it around the internet - please help me do that by linking to him:…

On a side note - my website is live in a new and simpler version, that makes it easier for me to update:


Lots of stuff on the plate these days. I've changed seats temporarily here at DDB, learning more online stuff. Banners, landingpages and Facebook apps in Flash. Never been a code monkey. Probably never will be completely, but the purpose is to change it just a bit. It's a nice investment of the company in me, I think. And challenging.

Still doing some fun photo manipulations at work too, some of which I'm gonna upload here soon I think. Just to give people an idea of what kind of jobs people like me do in advertising these days.

The next level headline refers most of all to my latest 3D endeavours. Been at it real hard for quite some time on a funny semi-realistic bust of a well known character I hope to finish soon. Hopefully get it in some 3D magazines, if the publishers find it good enough. That's the exciting part, so I gotta push the envelope this time! He's rendering out in different passes as of this writing, then I'll need to do the composite and also figure out a proper backdrop for him.

I'm hoping I'll have him done next week among other projects. So I hope you guys will find him good and fun enough to spread around to your friends here on DA and link to him to get him (me) some attention. :)

So after 10 months of purely shitty experience with a real estate agent trying to sell my old apartment, I fired him, took another in and 15 days later there's a buyer. Wow! That went fast! And as times are the selling price is way lower than I bought it for almost 6 years ago. The seller now has 6 days to reconsider, but they usually don't, so I'm pretty hopeful about it being over. But that means there's now gonna be a lot of debt I'd like to pay back asap. So I figured it's time I'd try and take in some extra work again, after being idle on that front in a long time, so if you have any, know any etc. that needs something done - contact me, thanks. :) Print, photo retouch, icons, whatever.

Work, the regular day job, ouch bad times still. We lost one of the big clients which meant 3 fired. And if those 3 others didn't quit by themselves, more would've been fired. 2 are pregnant which is good news, but that means that we'll be 8 people short soon, and they're only gonna replace one, since it was a position up the hierarchy. We got some new clients, but we need more before I feel safe again. Things had just started to change for the better and then all this happens. Advertising is a shitty business after all.

I haven't done nearly as much 3D as I'd liked to lately, got 2 simple characters done, one is rigged and I'm gonna start the other soon. It's tricky but fun to see your model being able to move around. Got another more advanced character done I'm gonna try and rig after the simpler one. It would be nice to be able to do at least a basic rig for some good poses of future characters. The other 3D projects I've had are work related and one of them I can't even show because they're redesigns of existing products being tested. Some day perhaps. It's so comprehensive all of it; modeling, texturing, lighting and everything else to consider, and my fingers are starting to itch to dig into ZBrush for some more detailed character sculpting. Too little time. Too many apps and too much stuff to learn.

Too little time has to do with the time I've spent in the gym. Over the last year I've lost somewhere around 38-40 pounds, all the weight that came crawling out of nowhere from not working out anymore after having met my girlfriend. Typical mistake, well I'm almost back to where I started and now I'm really into all that weight lifting again, so now it's time to buff out, still got a little way to go before I'm happy with the result though. But I can wear my old clothes again - nice!

What else? Not much, survived two days of metal mayhem at Copenhell this weekend, that was awesome. New season of Futurama starts tomorrow on Comedy Central, I envy you Americans for getting that before me. I became a godfather to my friends daughter back in April, that was a special moment. She turns 1 year old in August, and she's just adorable. I took my old iMac apart and installed a SSD disk and maxed out the RAM in it as well, that was a fun project, not overly easy but managable, so now I think I'm good with that for some more years - and ready for Lion this summer.

Until next time - thanks for reading and watching. :)
So, besides being busy and just having returned from vacation, I've been practicing my 3D skills. I got 34 Futurama character heads done for an icon/wallpaper pack for Mac and Windows, which I'll release one of these days. Gotta say it's a nice pack for any Futurama fan out there.

And I'm almost done rigging a velociraptor I did a long time ago. Once that's finished, I got an idea for a render I want to do, so I need to set all that up too, but that's gonna be the next thing to wrap up. I hope it'll be as awesome as it is in my head.

I'm selling my old apartment, so I've spent a lot of time preparing that, now I just have to wait 'til someone takes the bait.

Sitting down so much at work and generally do nothing else made me a fatty again, so I've spent 3 days at the gym each week for the past 12 weeks, plus running quite a bit, I'm up to 10-12 km routes which is the longest I've ever run. So I've lost something around 20 pounds and gained a bit of muscle again, gotta keep that up. My old pants fit again!

And I just ordered an iPhone 4, gadgetgasm! And I'll celebrate that, by working overtime the first day at work after 3 weeks off. Yay!
Well, I haven't been very active lately. The last year's been busy at work due to various pitches, general work overload and a financial crisis. All of us have been cut in pay since April 2009 until New Year 2010, so they wouldn't fire as many people as they otherwise would have. Of course everybody accepted that arrangement, we didn't want to lose our colleagues - or our job. But it wasn't enough, and several people had to go anyway. So it was a brutal year I managed to survive by putting in extra hours as needed.

The months around Christmas was the busiest I've ever experienced in my career, some nights I would work until 10 am, just so I could work to 2 or 3 am the next night, otherwise I wouldn't get all the shit done I needed done. And I'm by far the only one who's been doing that.

All the work paid off though. Besides winning several new clients, last week the company landed a 3 year contract - on what is probably the most important pitch this year - with the biggest bank in Denmark and Scandinavia. And they put me on the client as primary final print artist. Job security suddenly became concreted. Stress factor: zero.

On the personal front, I moved in with my girlfriend last summer, rented out my old apartment and that's been giving me some gray hairs as well, especially due to the financial crisis. I'm not really paying much on the mortgage, so I'm weeks away from selling it, so I can focus on that and get on with life without debt and make things easier for us. My girlfriend started studying again in February after some years off. She just turned 30 and figured it was time, before she gets too old and we become a family. She only has a few shifts at the hospital every now and then, so there's not much income, and with that in mind it's an even better idea to get rid of the old apartment. Oh and we're busy renovating hers and her brothers summer house, so we're there regularly painting, gardening, chopping wood, throwing away old junk, fixing things, putting shelves in the wall, etc. Lots of work there as well.

So I haven't had much time to work on my own stuff. A little yes - but not as much as I'd like. I'm not really into skinning any more. But I'm getting better at 3D after following a bunch of tutorials from Digital-Tutors. I've finished the cartoon character guy course they have. I still need to rig him. I did the velociraptor course and the texturing of it. Need to rig that as well, so I can pose him properly and do some renders. I rigged a horse, so I at least know the process of rigging. And I've set up a challenge for myself, and that's doing a bunch of character heads from Futurama for an icon pack. Perhaps some wallpapers will follow. So far it's progressing very nice and I'm getting familiar with some new functions and textures. And hair... Damn that hair to hell. Tricky stuff. I hope I have them done in June, ready for the all new season premiere on Futurama. If not - look out for them the following months. Some of them are plain awesome, some are less impressive. But hey, I'm still learning here. :)

Now, back to work...