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December 6, 2011
Alfred E. Neuman by ~PixelPirate is an excellent 3D realisation of a 2D character. It has clean, strong lines, nice colour and a good amount of detail without going into hyperrealism.
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Alfred E. Neuman



So this is my take on Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine.

He's taken quite some time to finish. I started the modeling in Maya, detailed it in ZBrush, took it back to Maya for a very time consuming process of lighting, texturing, creating shaders and hair and doing tons of test renders along the way.

Post was done in Photoshop.

He's inspired by those humanized cartoon characters you see from time to time by other 3D artists.

This was a comprehensive learning experience for me, and I'm very proud of the result.

Please like/fav/spread the news about him!

Thanks for all the comments after he got himself a DD!

Regarding the eye, that's how he's usually portrayed. For this project I Googled him for reference images and found a bunch, and you can see that on most of these images, his left eye hangs a little lower than his right, so it's all intentional. I had to study his entire face for all the details, so I could get the best result possible.
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SO WELL done! .... This 65+ year old 'human' LOVED him! ....

In fact, I bought a LARGE POSTER of MAD MAG in 1987 that to this day
is on my MAN CAVE 'wall'! .... SMILES .... bls35mm/brian

MAN CAVE by bls35mm