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Pokeball Interior



Well, this took alot longer than planned.. after my mouse died on me (computer mouse haha), i left this for about a week.

I lost inspiration with this so I'm uploading it as it is.
I plan to do far superior pokeball interiors in the (hopefully) distant future, i wish to do things other than pokemon related.

the thing in the middle is supposed to be a holographic tv.
I'm quite proud of the microwave that is the next to the fridge, haha there is even a little light on inside :aww:

haha, i stuck my pokedex there on the table fav.me/d4nkx4h

for the pikachu on the hologram, i used this stock rose-monster.deviantart.com/ar…
i realised i have this exact same figurine. but i can't be bothered to photograph it for my own use.

.... anddd i just noticed some crazy weird stuff happening with the mesh on the side of the bath closest to the camera.
.. oh well..

It took me a whole evening to make that microwave :'(

Cinema 4D

4-5 days modelling time


:eyepopping: i am pretty shocked at how many views this has been getting. I thank all of you for viewing, commenting and favouriting this :aww:
I may do another interior sooner than i planned too :)

:pokeball: Edit 24/3/2014 :pokeball:
I'm shocked that this has reached 100k views after two years! I really want to thank you all for taking the time to look, favourite and share if you have done.
Thank you! think it's time to work on a decent version of this ;)

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That’s pretty cool