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Wall-E Icons Set 2

Wall-E Icon Set 2 Version 1.1 - Created From Movie Screenshots

Note: All the icons have full alpha with smooth edges (transparent backgrounds).

Updated Version 1.1: This version has had some adjustments a like color correction, brightness, contrast, level corrections, some slight editing and the Rubix Cube has been slightly reduced too to match better the overall size of the other icons.

After creating the previous icon set from my Blender models I decided to use screenshots of the movie to create a second set cause these Wall-E icons can have the worn/rusted look instead of just the brand new/refurbished look that my 3D models have and I can also include other things that I did not model in 3D like Eve for example.

The set has 10 icons that are 2 Wall-Es, one from a screenshot of the movie and the other from a wallpaper that I downloaded from the web. The rest of them all came from screenshots of the movie. It also includes Eve, a trash cube, MO, PR-T, Wall-E's Ice Cooler, Wall-E's Rubix Cube, The Axiom and the ARV spaceship.

It has Windows, Mac and Png versions. The Windows and Mac versions include icons from 16 to 256 pixels in size. The Png set includes images up to 512 pixels in size so if you want to modify the Mac icons to include a 512 pixel size you can do it if you have a program that can add the 512 pixel size Png to the icns file. I can't do it cause my icons program can only do it to a maximum of 256 pixels.

You can modify them at least for your own personal use. I hope that you enjoy them.
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