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Star Wars Dejarik Holochess Table Blender 3D Model

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Free Star Wars Dejarik Holochess Table Blender 3D Model With Cycles Renderer Materials

Version 1.0 - Holographic “chess” table that appears inside the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode IV and in others. Does not include any monsters/creatures.

Note: If you click on the image above you will see a larger, clearer version of the image.

For use with the free open source 3D program Blender. You can get Blender in here:

As many other Star Wars fans I always liked very much the 3D holographic chess like table in the Millennium Falcon that appeared on Episode IV - A New Hope. This is one of those details of the movie that a lot of people have enjoyed a lot and I wanted to get a good quality 3D model of it but I could not find one on the web that I was happy with so I decided to create one in Blender to my liking cause again it makes this model accessible to anyone too because Blender is a free open source program.

The only thing that will be missing for you to recreate the rendering as I did it is the environment reflection texture that I gave the model (and that is what I used for illumination – nothing else) cause I did not create those so I cannot distribute them with the table .zip file but they are freely available and you can download those packs with many “studio like” spherical environment textures right here in Deviantart:…

Those are pretty good for many renders and were created by 3D modeler zbyg and the one you need is the one called: HDRi Pack 3 and the direct address to that texture pack is this:

And the texture that I used from that pack in this 3D model is the one called: studio029.exr and you will need that to make the render look like my images. If you try to render the model without giving it an environment texture the scene will look very pinkish cause Blender will default to that color when it cannot find the texture that I gave it. Step by step instructions on how to place that texture back into the scene are in the included PDF documents.

If it appears somewhat different from what you see in Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (or the one shown at Disney behind glass which IS the original one) it is because in that episode some of the greebles were altered including all the lamps which were replaced by taller ones. My theory about it is that it was a last minute correction because they found that many of the original greebles had been lost from Episode IV to Episode V.
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I downloaded this yesterday with the intent of creating an object file I could use in DAZ, and even when opening it up in Blender, all that came out was a wireframed table top and base with no central column in between, and when I exported out a .obj file, and imported that into both DAZ Studio, and Hexagon 2, there was nothing. 

Any chance of exporting out .obj version for use in other programs such as DAZ Studio and Poser?