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Mini-Guys And Gals Icons Set 1



Mini-Guys & Gals Free Icons Set1

Update: Version 1.3

This version only has one small correction and that is that the phaser has been removed from the Odo character (in the other set #2 that includes Star Trek characters) cause one Deep Space Nine fan pointed out to me that the character did not use weapons and I verified this. He always refused to use then so I removed the phaser from his hand. It has been corrected on the icon sets and on the vector clipart sets.

Update: Version 1.2 created with Adobe Illustrator CS4 - All icons have full alpha transparent backgrounds, the gray background is only for display purposes.

Version 1.2 has some small corrections and improvements like me (PixelOz) having glasses cause I do use them and I forgot to put them in the previous illustrations. Also some male characters had an older mouth that was too large which was the wrong one. Now all the males have the same one (except for a few variants in special characters like the one in The Hulk or the slightly more serious ones in Lt. Commander Data and the Vulcans like Mr. Spock and Tuvok for example). In addition some male eyes, mouths, ears and eyebrows were realigned vertically cause they were slightly out of place.

These Mini-Guys & Gals character icons designs started as 2 different clip-art sets that I also have available at my places in Deviantart and Mediafire so if you want it you can have them in vector format too also as free downloads. The original clip-art sets are available in Illustrator CS4, PDF and SVG vector formats that you can raster at any resolution that you want. I simply decided to have them available as icons sets too.

You may notice that many of them have somewhat more space above the characters but that is because I had to accommodate many characters that are higher like Deanna Troi and the Japanese girls which have a higher hairdo and like the Latin character Chapulin Colorado which is the highest because of his antennas (or feelers) and I did not center those that are lower in height vertically (like those that have no hair) because they all need to have their base at the same level or they would look bad if people used several of them side by side.

They are available in sizes from 16 pixels all the way to 256 pixels in the Windows and Mac formats even though the 16 and 24 pixel sizes could loose too many details cause this was only done automatically by my icon creation program. Those in the Png format also have 512 and 1024 pixel size versions . The Mac format ones do not include pixel sizes that are higher than 256 pixels because the free program that I use for their creation cannot do them with a size higher than that. If you have a program that can do it you can use the 512 pixel size Pngs and incorporate it into them. I didn’t make sizes below 32 pixels in the Pngs because frankly I designed these more to be used by programs like the Object Dock or Rocket Dock application launchers and below that size the details are mostly lost and that requires too extensive manual pixel by pixel editing and it is too many icons to do that and I don’t have the time for it. I use icons at 48 pixel size at my desktops and at even higher sizes in Object Dock that can use them pretty large and they look very nice like that cause you can see the details very well with those modern application launchers.

Notice that you can use their Png versions too as bitmap format (pixel format) clip-arts for whatever you like but remember that even though they are my designs many are based on copyrighted and trademarked characters so those cannot be used for commercial purposes whatsoever. The exceptions are the generic ones as I specified in the other PDF document included with the sets titled: ThisMiniGuys&GalsIconsSetIsFreeAndNotForSaleVer1-2.pdf.

Another possible use for them is to use them as web site avatars. It is very easy to use them as such and if the Png format doesn’t work for this purpose (in case the web site only accepts them in Jpeg format) it is very easy to convert them to Jpeg format and to adjust their size to your specific need (many avatars need to be in sizes like 80, 120, 150 pixels and others and in that case you just need to use a higher resolution one like those 256, 512 or 1024 pixel size Pngs and scale them down to your needed pixel size) with many free programs like The Gimp or Paint Dot Net and with others too.
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