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Enkera Winamp Skin Improvement To Version 1.1

Enkera Skin Version 1.1 - By 883designs with some alpha improvements by PixelOz.

This skin is a very beautiful Wianamp skin that was designed originally by 883design (also a Deviant) but its alpha edge was kinda rough even when the alpha smoothing option was selected in Winamp so I worked with it in Photoshop for quite a while very carefully and I fixed the problematic graphics and now the alpha edges look very, very smooth as it is supposed to be.

This is a somewhat old Winamp skin but it is very beautiful and now it looks even better with the fixed alpha blending.

I also added 3 new color themes that match my 3 Regenerating Nostalgia wallpapers as you can see in the screenshots that I show. Remember that you can download those 3 wallpapers for free in my gallery.

Notice also in the image at the upper left corner how smooth the alpha edges look now.

The included PDF file explains better the changes that I did and tells you how to activate the smooth alpha function in Winamp and how to use the 3 new color themes in case you are new to Winamp and don't know how to do this.

Remember to decompress this zip file so you can extract the .wal skin file that you have to place in the Winamp/skins folder before you start Winamp.

Also remember that I clearly want you to know that this is not my design but that this skin was designed by 883design and that I merely improved its alpha edges and I did this with the author's permission. :)
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what a great skin!
but unfortunately, i cant find "color theme" option when i try to change its color? could you help me solving this? thanks