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Android-D2 Icons And Blender 3D Model Set 1

Android-D2 Icons And Blender 3D Model Set 1 Version 1.1

Version 1.1 Update: In this version I did a cleanup of the Blender 3D model for those people that do use that. The icons are not afected, they remain the same cause the model was already good enough to create very clean renders. What I did with the 3D model was to clean up the leftover vertexes and edges of the various boolean operations that I had to perform on it and corrected a few small errors so the 3D model is now a nicer, cleaner mesh that is even smoother than it was before.

This is an icon set with an included Blender 3D model of the figure that I did after creating the Android-D2 wallpaper using the same 3D model that I used for it. I rendered it in 4 different versions (2 different camera angles & 2 different materials) which I post-processed in Adobe Photoshop where I edited them somewhat and gave them 6 more colors for a total of 7.

Just like in the wallpaper of course it is a hybrid of the Android Icon & R2-D2. It is somewhat longer than Android and shorter than R2-D2 (sort of in-between) and I gave the R2-D2 like parts rounder edges and simpler lines to make them look more Android bot like and that was the result.

It has Windows, Mac and Png versions. The Windows and Mac versions include icons from 16 to 256 pixels in size. The Png set includes images from 24 pixels up to 1024 pixels in size so if you want to modify the Mac icons to include a 512 pixel size you can do it if you have a program that can add the 512 pixel size Png to the icns file. I can't do it cause my icons program can only do it to a maximum of 256 pixels.
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