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Alwact Clock Skin Mega Pack of 36 Skins Volume 1



Volume 1 Version 1.1 - Note: If you click on the above image you will see a much larger and clearer image.

Version 1-1 Update: In this version there are no changes to the skins at all, it is merely a revision of the accompanying documents with the inclusion of the letter I made to the program developer with the hope that he can get it and read it cause I could not deliver it to the e-mail address that he provides in the Alwact web site. Also there are small corrections (corrections of some typos) in the different documents included with the packs.

This is one of two packs (Volume 1 and Volume 2) of skins that I have created to be used with the freely available Alwact analog skinnable desktop clock. So there will be separate submissions for the 2 volumes of Skin Mega Packs (36 skins designs and/or variations of a design on each pack).

You can download that clock program here:

Warning! Now, be careful and read the document that I included (more importantly the included PDF document titled: About This Skins Set (Warning Read!) Ver1-0.pdf cause in there you will be explained important facts of how much CPU power Alwact uses depending on the skin it uses and as I explained in that document I created these skins packs as both a high res version and a low res version (two sets in each pack). Normally Alwact uses very, very little CPU power (really) but I created both skins packs also as very high res sets and this is designed for newer systems only. With the low res versions Alwact uses very little CPU power in many, many systems (like 1 to 4 % or so) but the high res skins are designed for much more powerful CPUs like the Intel i7 920 that I have and newer and in many older systems with much lower powered CPUs the CPU usage can go as high as 65%!!! or more when you use the high res skins so just read that document.

There is also an included tutorial in PDF format that explains how to format the date step by step (adjust its font, position, size, etc.). There are few included sounds for the Pacman skins (volume 1 only) and another tutorial that tells you how to use the sounds and other things and that document gives you addresses where to download more cool free MP3 sounds that I found on the web that can be used as alarm sounds that go very nicely with many of my skins.

For more info and a small description of each individual skin read the about.txt file included with each one (you can access that directly from the program by right mouse clicking on any skin and selecting About Current Skin...) In addition read the small text document titled: NoteFromDeveloper-HowToFixTheDateProblemInThisSkin1-0.txt inside any of the Techno Dome skin folders to see how to fix the date interfering with the hands (rings in that particular skin) cause if you do this the skin will look much better and you will be able to use it as it was intended.

I spent about two weeks in my spare time developing these skins using several programs like 3DS Max Studio 2014, Blender 2.69, Illustrator CS4 , CorelDraw X3, Photoshop CS4 and a few others to a far less degree. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I had lot's of fun creating them for you.
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