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Jessica Rabbit Untooned

Another one, this time of Mrs. Roger Rabbit.


the first hour of the process is here:

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Amazing!! Heart Heart Heart 
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Dude, in France they took this picture and it had been added to a publicity, i shit you not, she's next to a Mario.

Next time i can i'm taking a picture of the thing
She is gorgeous
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sublime, magnifique 
Sonytheheroine's avatar
This is dessapointed, you only edit another image :iconisnotamusedplz:
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This is best untoonization ( Sorry, i can't say that :XD: ) i've seen! Awesome! :la:
Kittz's avatar

..think this person completely copied your work :(
CaptainPrower's avatar
Besides the eyes, she's the only one who looks even remotely realistic.
PrettyLittlePone's avatar
do you draw it or is a photografy?OMG IT'S SPECTACULAR
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Is this available for sale (reprints of this) not your original? If so what sizes? Thanks ... =)
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she looks like the splitting image of Angelina Jolie...
CottonCatTailToony's avatar
I saw that on YouTube.
(jawbreaking) GREAT JOB!
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If Jessica was real, I think I'd fall over.:horny: revamp 
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woaw..  i thought every one for got about this girl! nice job!
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Hey, dude, I saw this one from YouTube! Impressive job dude ^^
DirtyDirtySam's avatar
I saw yours first on youtube. Amazing :)
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Someone is tyring to sell your work on eBay! Take a look: [link]
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