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Apologies for my lousy translation, but in any case, let's see if I'll actually get around to doing something from this list. ^^;

01.  はちみつ Honey
02.  絵の具 Art materials
03.  スケッチブック Sketchbook
04.  ティータイム Tea time
05.  ゆれる恋心 Uncertain love
06.  小さな手 Tiny hands
07.  動物園 Zoo
08.  帰る場所 A place to return to / A place called home
09.  おまつり Festival
10.  危険な香り The smell of danger
11.  仲間 Friends
12.  星空の下 Under the starry sky
13.  花見 Cherry blossom viewing
14.  卒業 Graduation
15.  四つ葉のクローバー Four leaf clover

01.  髪飾り Hair accessories
02.  はぐノート Hagu's notebook
03.  人形 Doll
04.  コロボックル Korobokkuru
05.  ロールケーキ Roll cake

01.  おっちょこちょい Scatterbrain
02.  皿 Plate / dish
03.  飲み物&食べ物 Food & drinks
04.  暴走 Running wildly
05.  美脚 Beautiful legs

01.  旅 Travel / journey
02.  思い出 Memories / reminiscence
03.  ひとりで Alone
04.  迷い Hesitation
05.  ミニチュア Miniature

01.  片思い Unrequited love
02.  ムーンリバー Moon River
03.  仕事 Work
04.  メガネ Glasses
05.  コーヒー Coffee

01.  お金 Money
02.  アイドル Idol
03.  卒業? Graduation?
04.  モカデミー賞 Mocademy Awards
05.  ブローチ Brooch
A big THANK YOU to those who added my stuff to your favourites, and to those who left a comment! Apologies for not being able to thank all of you personally.


I keep digging up old stuff these days; everything uploaded today is actually done at least a year ago. (Proof that I've never improved!)

My recent stuff are all half-done, and I have this feeling I'll never get around to complete them soon. I'm spending my time watching anime and drama instead. -.-;

I wanted to watch the Lovely Complex live action movie, but how come everyone uploads them on MegaUpload?! It never works for me. ><
I like receiving flowers, but I don't like it when the boyfriend gives me flowers on Valentine's because it's so expensive! I'd rather he get me something else, or give me flowers on another day instead. Anyone thinks the same way too?

I wish that there isn't so much work to be done for school, because lately I seem to have less and less time to do the things that I want, and it just gets worse every semester. I'm tired. :(
I managed to get scans of the spinoff! It's about Ayu and Ippei-san. Nomiya makes an appearance too! It seems like Ayu made curry... and we know how her cooking is like. XD

But being in Japanese, I can't understand much of the manga, and the amount of text on some of the pages makes me not even want to try to read those. Hopefully someone will translate it!
The subbed version of episode 4 is out! I'm going to watch it later. :D

I made some screencaps of the episode, and they can be downloaded here:

And I have caps of the live action movie trailer too!

Mayama is kind of freaky. -.-
I've been obesessing with my Fruits Basket manga (Kyo + Tohru = <3!) and Honey and Clover II recently. I have the urge to pixel something from Furuba... we'll see about that. I can't believe the manga's already coming to an end. :(
I was trying to pixel a trophy for KMB earlier on, and i have no inspiration at all. It seems like lately I can't seem to pixel at all.... -.- Hopefully this is just a dry spell or something.

I guess if you're waiting for updates, you might not be seeing any for a while. =/
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Like cute stuff? Come drop by Kawaiiness MB!