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guess who turned 22 today. mnyeh :happy birthday: 

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Wwoooooowww, how did you get sooo good at drawing
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can I use this on my profile?
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Good job!

O céu estrelado ao fundo dos prédios ficou muito bem com a imagem da sacada e a mulher nela, da quase para sentir a brisa que corre entre os prédios e envolve o corpo da observadora noturna!
A sensação é de um sentir profundo, melancólico e nostálgico de uma vida que ainda não está completa.

O seu trabalho com os pixels é muito bom, mas a mensagem é melhor ainda!

Hugs from Brazil.

This is so well done!
your work is so cool with a capitol K :) very inspiring.
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I like this piece a lot. It gives me melancholic cyber punk-ish vibes which I very much dig.
May I share it on my twitter? I would of course credit you and give you a link to my tweet.
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 This is really Amazing and awesome, there was such a good vibe i was getting from staring at this Gif. Reminded me of when i gazed up at the stars after a long shift of work and just relax. 

I saw this image on twitter earlier and it really inspired me to make a music track and I just knew I had to track down to original creator, and i have to ask is it possible to use this image for my soundcloud/youtube image for the track when it's finished? 

anyways good stuff glad i found your page.
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This is fantastic! 
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This is incredible! I love your art so much. ;_;
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aw, thank you so much~ ♥
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22... 22Jumpstreet
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It feels very cold, yet gentle :0 this is my aesthetic
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I'm glad you like it! c:
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Amazing, great colours.
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I'm glad you like it! Thank you ♥
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Can I post this on my Facebook page? With link, of course. Here's the page:…
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Yes, it's alright if you credit me. Thank you!
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Awesome, thank you! Here's the post, just FYI:…
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this is just amazing
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