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Sonic NES Improvement - Tails

By PixelMarioXP
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So, I was recently just playing Sonic the Hedgehog NES Improvement, made by the JABU, and thought to myself: "I really wish that you can play as Tails in this game, and see what it would feel like..." And so, I had an idea, and and made a sprite sheet to change Sonic, into, of course, Tails! I created (or edited it, you can say) the Title screen to have Tails on the Emblem, and the Sign post as well, plus everything else, ripped my myself!
I really hope that someone (or myself) would use these sprites to create a ROM Hack where you can play as Tails, and have the ability to fly. I really put time and effort to these sprites, and I hope the JABU would see this one day...

Sonic 2 NES Title Screen logo; sta.sh/0c91q879kh4

Credit is optional!
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Someone make this. Make it now.
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I could try and make this a reality.

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Any Chance Of Seeing Knuckles In Sonic 1 For The NES?

Can You Try To Do Sonic NES Improvement - Knuckles?





Sorry... I Like Those Quotes From The Sonic Series!
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and maybe Mighty, Ray and Amy?
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Can you Knuckles in this style? I'm new here.
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This looks awesome dude! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks, dude!
Say, I wonder where you been lately?
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Oh, I’ve been around. Guess we haven’t talked much, huh?
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I guess so, yeah!
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now i do wanna watch
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I'll use this for something. thanks for creating this!
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Ok. Make sure to give credit! :D
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Are You Planning On Making Knuckles NES Sprites Including Mighty and Ray NES Sprites?
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These are great! I wonder if your gonna make a Knuckles and maybe Amy In the future. I love how out there you've been with your sonic customs. 
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I can only bust a nut at your work enough times in one week!
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How does Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the NES sound? You want it??
(Its a tool called an "NES Maker"
Search it up online and look at tips and tricks on YouTube videos!
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...Is it free? I know it's a Kickstarted project, and it's DEFINITELY ambitious... But, I'm a bit... strapped for cash atm.
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No no, im just sayin. Since the NES maker isnt out just yet, im just getting a headstart by working on all the sprites and objects based off of Sonic 2, and by chance, port it to the NES (The NES maker)
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Speaking of which, Im planning on making a new game for the NES, by doing some research on how to make one and upload it to an NES cartridge or an emulator online for others to play!
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U sure Luv mah Sonic posts, dont ya?
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