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the Big IV (fantasy version)

By PixelMagus
I loved the idea of the idea of Rise of the Brave Tangled Guardians (not of a fan of the name though), but I never really understood the "why". My friend Kate said to think of them like classes in a fantasy game; Ranger(Merida), beast master(Hiccup), healer(Rapunzel) and mage(Jack Frost). To which I then said to myself "welp, now I need to draw this."

I liked adapting the character designs but I wanted to try and keep true to the colors but didn't want to just cut and paste everything. I was hoping to have this done sooner, I altered Hiccup's design drastically since the line layer was done prior to his redesign for HttyD 2. Overall I'm pretty happy with this and hope you guys enjoy.
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First, I'd like to say that I've never done this before. I love the way you designed the characters, the outfits show who they are. Though I wish you shaded a little more. Don't take me so seriously: I'm not an artist. It would also be nice for a sort of island back round. Also I would like to say that your eyes are beautiful. The way you drew the hair styles are so cute. But I have to say Hiccup looks a little derpy with the hair style. Overall I hope this helps you. Best of luck in the future!
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Awwww THIS IS ADORABLE, I Appreciate Your Artwork And How Toothless Isn't Left Out ^W^
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Thank you so much! You can't leave out Toothless :D
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oooh i love these outfits
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Not the Big 4 anymore! Elsa and Anna joined!
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that's. . .not an official thing
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I love this little group of friends. They just fit. At least that's what I believe :) Great work
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I like their designs good job!
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Omg I love Hiccups ad Meridas clothes. I hope Hiccup have clothes like that in the 3 movie
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Thank you, I had a lot of fun designing them :D
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Okay on Merida, Jack and Hiccup but... Why Rapunzel?
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Its a fandom called Rise of the Brave Tangled Guardians where it takes those four series and mashes them into one universe.  I just heard of it and never understood it until my friend put it in the class perspective of the ranger, the beastmaster, the cleric and the sorcerer. 
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TheBIGFour ish awesome o3o
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I sure enjoy this! Though I'm not to sure about the "why" of the fandom of Big 4 either. But I have to come to like them anyway thanks to pictures like this!
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It's defiantly a unique idea since it can never happen in reality so it's fun to see what people have come up with.
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Well, that's true! :)
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Frost is way op 
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