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Some portraits of people I like, in palettes that I've saved over the years.

1. Marlene Dietrich in skamocore's JPalette

2. Jacques Brel in the C64 palette (ptoing's)

3. Steve Earle in Christoballs' Chip16 palette

4. Nina Simone in a palette I've called 'Octo +5', that appears to be from a pixeljoint challenge a while back

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I love pixel art palettes like this, where you use unorthodox colors that are of a different hue than the thing you're trying to portray but works just as well (and gives it a lot of character). It makes me think of impressionist painting. I love that about pixel art; if you do it a certain way, it pays a homage to old and beautiful painting techniques. Which means, basically, that pixel art isn't much different from painting~
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These are spiffy as hell!
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These are amazingly done! I really love how you color things~!
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The amount of detail on these is absolutely breathtaking. You did a really great job. :happybounce:
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