The Molestia Thing and Tumblr Justice

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Sexual exploitation is no joke, we all understand that.  Having volunteered at a rape crisis center, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories and seen lives devastated by rape and sexual assault.

I applaud ANYONE concerned about these issues and willing to help with time and money.  BUT trying to take down a tumblr about dirty jokes and ponies doesn’t amount to fuck-all.  And sending someone money for a tee-shirt “supporting” taking down a tumblr about dirty jokes and ponies means even less than fuck-all.

If you want to lend assistance to something that matters, visit the websites of these 4-star rated charity organizations dealing with matters of rape, sexual exploitation, and women’s  justice.  Make a donation, volunteer your time, do something that MATTERS.  Don’t be a tumblr warrior, be an actual hero and make a big damn difference.

The International Justice Mission
Securing justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and violent oppression

RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
The nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Helping prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation

The Center for Justice and Accountability
Bringing Human Rights Abusers to Justice

To find certified and verified charities in your area, please visit the Charity Navigator.

I don't blame folks for the desire to help and fight for things they believe in.  But misguided and misappropriated enthusiasm does nothing but cultivate drama and take resources away from the places, people and organizations who actually need it.  

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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Ah yes. The whole DWM drama bomb. Encyclopedia Dramatica has a lot to say about that. It even resulted in someone getting DOXED!
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well all things considered, the asshurts with a stick up their ass miserably FAILED getting rid of it. All they did was take down a blog in the end, and thats that, the idea lives EVERYWHERE Now.

To all those butthurts raging theres still molestia stuff everywhere, I say "ha-Ha" seriously once its on the internet, it. IS. EVERYWHERE.
they lost the war before it was even started.

I could go into a rant about how idioticily lazy and Irresponsible society has become BUUUUUT, nope. I could go on for hours with that.
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You know that some sites are innapropriate for children. So stop blaming the uploader for your piece that your child saw, and :icongtfoplz:
FlairTheDark's avatar
The Man/Woman Speaks SENSE!
Robotic-Mind's avatar
I'm a woman. o3o
FlairTheDark's avatar
That answers that for that statement. Flair is OUTTY!
mewmewspike's avatar
Stupid that the DWM whiny babies had to get all pissy to the point where it was big enough for fucking Hasblow to declare a legal threat to their copyrights.

I say fuck Hasblow.
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Also Pinkie pony is a lier
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Everyone is allowed to have an options. but no one has the right to use it to take something down.
MLP fans needs to stop shoving MLP at people.
but femnist/DWM needs to understand that the internet/games/movies/books was not just made for you. You need to stop whine when you se a movie/game ect and it has sexy ladies in it. No one gives a shit if you are hurt by the fact that Kojima is taget mans dicks with quiet, or that quiet gets toutret.

Stop thinking that the internet was made only for you 
jonaslion52's avatar

Now i'm gonna drink some asshurt femnist tears of the fact that DWM is gone
HelenaKnowlegdeOffic's avatar
Why don't they worry about another things than a tumblr blog? :iconfacepalmplz:
leonkarnak's avatar

"omg dick move hasbro we’r jus fans u make no money y u take away molestia"

you took a child’s TV show and warped it into a sexual blog about molestation and rape and put it on the internet. kids looking up MLP saw your shit. that is fucking damaging to a child’s mind.

whine whine whine 

excuse me while i drink asshurt brony tears. i'm so amused by these grown, fedora-wearing men shedding tears for a comic about an unfunny rape joke blog.

Ultra-Luxe's avatar
lol bronyes where fedoras! jus neckbeers amirite ;DD!
jonaslion52's avatar
I did the samething when DWM got takken down, with some Kama and JUSTICE!!
HelenaKnowlegdeOffic's avatar
There are some places where KIDS DON'T BELONG!
Ashkihyena's avatar
I agree with you, the entire situation is BS, and I always hate the argument that WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN!
I found these words from Pinkie Pony far more offensive… I'd love to hear her supporters explain them
Xaldinpwn's avatar
That's one of my main issues with the "Down With Molestia" movement, that the person who started it is a fucking lying hypocrite.
r0b0tic-k47's avatar
While the blog is in bad taste, but that is all there is to it. Don't like find another blog, and the very title should be a hint to its contents.  There comes a point where we all need a little laughter at the darker parts of life and there are other dark comedies as well: JThM, Lenore, Dr. Strangelove, South Park, and Team America: World Police. Of course rape is not funny in real life, but neither is murder or torture either.  But there is a time and place to express one's outrage and I propose saving it for the real life rapists.
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 molestia is a joke on what some bronies what they call clopping to its a joke and a stab at what they do
it does not afend people who been attacked that way

so a big winged unicorn pony is up setting to you thats your problem
there is no threat to you only to other ponies
poetryunite's avatar
i have been molest before but i like molestia but you can joke anything but "it shouldn't be taken seriously"
Lt-C0l0N3l's avatar
> Tumblr
> Justice
> Same Sentence

These people need to go to the shops more often.
RaenBoow's avatar
I really can't understand people who looks at something CLEARLY intended as a rapeJOKE - and starts believing that the person, either making the joke or liking the joke, is APPROVING of rape. :confused:
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