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By which I of course mean you should adore Matt Smith and, more importantly, avoid SPOILERS.

I think at this point we're all aware of the leaking of this weekend's FIM episode "Hearts and Hooves Day"  At first I'd hoped it was some kind of special on-porpoise gift to the community, but from the sound of things it's a tremendous derp over at Itunes and, undoubtedly, heads will soon roll down the aisles of Apple HQ.

I did in fact purchase and watch the episode because I'm terrible at waiting.  I have zero willpower when it comes to such things.  That said,  it was something I bought and paid for and legally purchased, so I don't feel bad having seen it.


I think we also need to do the right thing and keep our mouths, and wacom tablets shut until the episode airs for everypony on Saturday.  Many people are far more patient than I and are waiting to watch Hearts and Hooves Day Saturday morning, as is tradition.  I will also be tuning in to support the show proper-like.  But you won't be seeing any art or references to the show from moi until after that time.  

I don't mean to come on and lecture as much as I seem to, but I do wholeheartedly believe we have something of an obligation to represent the virtues of the show we love and- perhaps more importantly in the really real world- to support the show and the people who create it in every way we can.  That means putting our eyes in front of the advertising and dutifully not spoiling it for others.  

Anyhoo, I'm sure you all know this being generally awesome people and ponies.  Hope you all have a great weekend of either Valentines or anti-Valentines activities ahead.  I'll see you on Saturday!

PS- This week, Cheerilee is best pony.  True fact.  
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I posted a spoiler on G+... But it was encrypted to Hexidecimal, and was tagged as a spoiler. :P
Vaxadeki's avatar
I agree. i also purchased the episode early. I will also state Cheerilee is best pony. ( Groans inwardly "dam big Macintosh you stole her away") ooohh well they make a good couple.
BlackWidower's avatar
Don't forget the ending was a bit ambiguous, so we don't know if they are a couple. My money's on 'yes' but that's not the point.

Well, turns out DA doesn't have a reliable method of adding spoiler tags. So another thing to add on the list of reasons I hate this site.
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I admit, my will power is horrible so I watched it. HOWEVER, I still plan to get up in the morning to watch it like I do ever saturday morning =3 and having seen it already will not hinder my enjoyment one bit ^^
RaptorCee's avatar
*saluts you*
good call. I live in the UK so wont see any eps untill much later and it dose irritate me as soon as I come on to DA there is TONS of art and journals based on that episode.....screen shots ect all spoil it.
I know many where exited to get their ideas up ASAP, but could they NOT think of the folks who have YET to see the ep due to other reasons, it wont pevee them off so much.

*offers latte* a reward for your good words
Jadriam's avatar
Knowing this, I am now hiding from internet till saturday evening! Thanks for the warning.
marowakmaniac14's avatar
if you posted spoilers I'd follow David Tennant's example from Silence in the Library, by which I mean I'd appear out of nowhere from behind you and say SPOILERS! in a somewhat loud voice. :icondavidtennantplz:
BlackWidower's avatar
Snape killed Dumbledore! And Jack Bauer killed everyone!!!
Alexanderan's avatar
SHAME, on all the mares and stallions alike who spoil and support spoilers and make leaks happen. SHAME!!!!!
But I will still love and tollerate all of my brony brotheren and my ponny sisters cause that's what family is all about.:D
KatIsConfused's avatar
I put this [link] on the top of my posts about pony episodes (and the rest under a cut)
ArtieStroke's avatar
Before I even read, I knew you were going to say 'No Spoilers'.
Didn't see the Matt Smith thing coming, though. Also, as one of the few who didn't even hear about this untill, well, right now... I dunno.
HealingBlight's avatar
All my willpower
All of it
Going to be a long couple of days.
ZeroLink's avatar
I agree with your opinion... I wish I could buy it, since I'm also very bad at waiting and I got near zero willpower when it comes to that... and I almost succumb to the temptation, since I was watching it on youtube, but I stopped before the opening credits... it just... didn't feel right... all this chaos is just a doozy from a guy at iTunes, it's not like Annonymous hacked the site or something like that, but until I can actually buy the episode from iTunes (hard luck for somepony out of USA and with little to no income for my entertainment =(), I can't capitalize that doozy on my benefit... even if it's eating me inside out ^^;
stormchasingk9's avatar
Seriously, it's not that big of a deal that an episode leaked early. Bronies and Pegasisters are too dramatic. You'd think Season 3 was just cancelled because 100 less viewers may turn in on Saturday for this episode. -sigh-
anzul's avatar
meh... im gona wait till saturday :)
tank you (and seth) for not posting spoilers :D
Khuur's avatar
I personally feel that uploading the episode onto youtube is far worse than uploading art of it.
Sirkylanthered's avatar
Just this week? hehe
WizardWannabe's avatar
I would have assumed that the episodes are released automatically, upon a date as written in iTunes' code. Which makes me believe somebody released it on purpose.

I could not resist watching it. I couldn't pay for it, unfortunately, because iTunes thinks that it needs to obey the archaic licensing laws that exist today, as I don't live in the US. I do so wish networks would realise what year we currently live in.

My favourite bit (without spoilers)? 04:05.
BlackWidower's avatar
I heard it was a typo in how they entered the release date. They said 2011 instead of 2012.
WizardWannabe's avatar
So, that means that someone had to write in the date for it's release a few days ago, meaning it isn't all automatic. If they had written out all the dates at the same time, they would have had to typo more than just the year. What I don't get is that if that happened, the system recognised the year was wrong and then released it? Sounds to me like someone wrote in the entire wrong date, more than just the year. Or did it on purpose/thought the date they were told was correct and didn't care.
Whatever, damage done. I'm still watching it in an hour on the stream.
BlackWidower's avatar
Because it was submitted to iTunes a few days ago, and was supposed to be held until Saturday.
JasonCanty's avatar
SPOILERS... XD LOL good one. :)
piotrmil's avatar
At first I didn't know what you mean... and then.... "Spoilers!"
I'm gonna wait till saturday.
eaglehooves's avatar
Thank you! I feared there was going to be a torrent of spoilers and I'd have to unplug and *gasp* do something productive till I got around to seeing it. Guess you all have a little extra time to brush up your comics and such, but thanks for not posting them.
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