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By which I of course mean you should adore Matt Smith and, more importantly, avoid SPOILERS.

I think at this point we're all aware of the leaking of this weekend's FIM episode "Hearts and Hooves Day"  At first I'd hoped it was some kind of special on-porpoise gift to the community, but from the sound of things it's a tremendous derp over at Itunes and, undoubtedly, heads will soon roll down the aisles of Apple HQ.

I did in fact purchase and watch the episode because I'm terrible at waiting.  I have zero willpower when it comes to such things.  That said,  it was something I bought and paid for and legally purchased, so I don't feel bad having seen it.


I think we also need to do the right thing and keep our mouths, and wacom tablets shut until the episode airs for everypony on Saturday.  Many people are far more patient than I and are waiting to watch Hearts and Hooves Day Saturday morning, as is tradition.  I will also be tuning in to support the show proper-like.  But you won't be seeing any art or references to the show from moi until after that time.  

I don't mean to come on and lecture as much as I seem to, but I do wholeheartedly believe we have something of an obligation to represent the virtues of the show we love and- perhaps more importantly in the really real world- to support the show and the people who create it in every way we can.  That means putting our eyes in front of the advertising and dutifully not spoiling it for others.  

Anyhoo, I'm sure you all know this being generally awesome people and ponies.  Hope you all have a great weekend of either Valentines or anti-Valentines activities ahead.  I'll see you on Saturday!

PS- This week, Cheerilee is best pony.  True fact.  
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I posted a spoiler on G+... But it was encrypted to Hexidecimal, and was tagged as a spoiler. :P