Ko-Fi is a thing, so I made one!

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"I'll give it a try!" I believe those were the final words of the guy who tried to share his beer with a leopard.  

Wise words from a guy who did a thing.  And so, I too, decided to do a thing.  A Ko-Fi Thing.  I set it up, added some art and if you'd like to toss a tip my way for the stuff I do or just because you like my sparkling personality, now you can!I should point out that this isn't a place to request commissions.  I almost never take commissions because my schedule is stressful 24/7/365.  It makes me feel bad that I'm almost never able to say yes to the ideas and requests of friends and fans, and I am sorry!  Hopefully someday! 

For now, thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your friendship, support and good vibes!

Pixelkitties Ko-Fi Account and One Hour Oil Change
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Hmm, looks interesting. I may have a look at this new website
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Ko-fi is great because, while one can subscribe as with Patreon, there’s no pressure on the patron to do so and no pressure on the artist to produce on a treadmill schedule. That’s why I decided to open a Ko-fi account myself rather than a Patreon; for various reasons I can’t produce fiction on a schedule, so would rather folks toss tips in the hat when and as they wish.
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That is a very good point there. :thumbsup: I will throw some change your way PixelKitties in the near future. :peace: