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One of my favorite things when I was little was when a new issue of Tiny Toon Adventures Magazine would arrive!  There were only nine issues, but they were a lot of fun and featured lots of original art, columns and even a letters section where I had TWO notes published to Fifi (under a nom de plume, of course!)  The best part was when she had her own column, a lovelorn advice section similar to Dear Abbey called Acme Acres Antics in the first issue and later changed to the more Fifi-appropriate Ze Heart of Ze Matter!

Since it's #FifiFriday AND Valentine's Day (Well, one day out which is unofficially known as Buy All The Discount Candy Day) I scanned in her articles and would like to share them here with you!

FifiVal004 A by PixelKitties FifiVal004 B by PixelKitties

FifiVal001 by PixelKitties FifiVal002 by PixelKitties

FifiVal003 by PixelKitties
Tomorrow is the birthday of Anaisgirl who is probably the biggest Little Beeper fan I know!  I thought I would upload the relevant pages of her favorite character from my copy of the TTA Design Bible!

Happy birthday, lady!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

20190207 153359 by PixelKitties20190207 153338 by PixelKitties
20190207 153243 by PixelKitties
20190207 153320 by PixelKitties 20190207 153302 by PixelKitties
This week I decided I wanted to update and refine my blatantly self-inserted Tiny Toons OC character for #FifiFriday.  TTA didn't have a very expansive human cast, so looking up references on Max, Mary Melody and Elmyra, I was reminded of Elmyra's ill-fated family sitcom spinoff episodes.

ElmyraFam house by PixelKitties

For those who've forgotten (myself included, as will be discussed later) someone at WB thought people actually liked Elmyra enough to have her own show.  They tested the waters with two episodes featuring Elmyra and her lovable family unit, the Duffs.  There's her dad, MacArthur, a halpess inventor in the vein of the dad from Gremlins.  His brilliant ideas include a machine that turns tears into drinking water and chemically transforming egg yolks into thermite plasma.

ElmyraFam MacArthur by PixelKitties

There's Elmyra's mom Emily who works at a radio station and seems to be the main breadwinner of the family.  She seems like a very nice lady and is one of the more stable members of the Duff household.  Unfortunately she has a terminal case of the Duff Look, which is like the “Innsmouth Look” except with 60% more Elmer Fudd.  

ElmyraFam Emily by PixelKitties

Brother Duncan is a rambunctious scamp with a big imagination who wears a fanny pack and pretends to be a superhero.  PFFT! What a loser!  At one point he ninja rolls out of Elmyra's closet wearing her bra.  Did you know Elmyra wears a bra?  I'm telling you this because this shit can't be unlearned and I'm damn well not carrying this eldritch knowledge in my head alone.

ElmyraFam Duncan by PixelKitties

There's a baby who everyone in the family is terrified of because it has mutant rage strength.  This isn't even a joke, in the first episode “Take Elmyra Please” mom Emily has a panic attack when the baby rends the bars of its cage free and begins destroying the house.  Remember the movie “It's Alive?”  It's like that.

ElmyraFam baby by PixelKitties

There's, of course, Elmyra herself who is somewhat different from her Tiny Toons portrayal.  She's toned down, with slightly less murdery tendencies.  

ElmyraFam pets by PixelKitties


Anyway, in this elseworlds tale she doesn't go to Acme Loo, instead attending a human school full of other humans.  BORING.  She does have Furrball and Byron Basset as pets, which considering her family is portrayed as mostly normal says a lot for the parental supervision in this house. She also seems even more dense, if that's possible?  The plots of both episodes in this show-within-a-show are driven by Elmyra's utter cluelessness to everything around her.

The family also has a thicc German maid named Queequeg for some reason?  Mom clearly has a REALLY good job at the radio station because I don't think Dad's patent on a juicer/phone/shaving kit combo is bringing in the cash.

ElmyraFam Maid by PixelKitties

The part that really intrigued me was Elmyra's weirdly normal sister Amanda.  She's a cool 90s lesbian teenager who has 9,999 Maniacs posters on her wall and has a crush on a girl at school named Nickie Butler.

ElmyraFam Amanda by PixelKitties

 What blew my mind was that she looks almost exactly like my OC, right down to the purple hair and skull earrings!  I very clearly remember, in my own play and imaginings, that even back then this was the look of my avatar in that universe.  So I'm not sure whether I completely ripped off this character and forgot about it or whether I just subconsciously ticked off all these traits that I wanted to emulate and integrated them without even realizing it.  It's weird that my mental image of this made up character permeated all through the years, long after I forgot this unsettling and ill-advised field trip into Elmyra's domestic life was forgotten.

FifiFriday Friends by PixelKitties Es02 by PixelKitties

So, long story short, the Elmyra spinoff episodes were, literally, forgettable.  EXCEPT for the fact they were the first appearance of Mr. SkullHead who is baller and I SWEAR is the inspiration behind Teen Girl Squad.  If anyone should have gotten their own show out of this, it's Mr. SkullHead.

Skullhead01 by PixelKitties Skullhead03 by PixelKitties Skullhead04 by PixelKitties

Amazingly enough, Elmyra DID get her own series in 1998, which in itself was a spinoff of Pinky and The Brain called Pinky and Elmyra and The Brain (fucking seriously!)  

Elmyra with Pinky and Brain by PixelKitties

Much like Elmyra, this perfect storm of awfulness was wanted by absolutely no one.  Peter Hastings, writer and producer from TTA and Animaniacs, was essentially press ganged into working on the show.  He loathed the idea, and his lyrics to the theme song express that sentiment:

So Pinky and the Brain
Share a new domain
It's what the network wants,
Why bother to complain?

Followed by The Brain intoning “I deeply resent this.”

In this version, Pinky and The Brain now live with Elmyra in a different house with no visible family or parental supervision.  Also, Elmyra now goes to a DIFFERENT human school with a cast of classmates nobody cares about.

And that's that!  All because of an OC I fell down this rabbit hole and felt it important to share it with you as well.
It's safe to say I've been collecting Tiny Toons merchandise for most of my life.  I was 9 or 10 when the show premiered and I spent much of my tweens and teens obsessed with it.  As I got older I became more into anime and horror, but from time to time I would continue to try and add TTA items to my collection.  And within the past year I've been once again focusing on acquiring absolutely everything I can that's related to the show's production and merchandising.  

The Fifi animation cels and sprawling amount of original concept art I've acquired are the crown jewels of my collection, but one item in particular has eluded me for 30 years- the show's style guide.  For those who don't know, Style Guides and Design Bibles are put together during production as a guide for animators, artists, merchandisers, etc.  They contain vast amounts of info and art for every character and episode so everything that's made for the show can stay on-model to the characters designs and their personalities. 

Well, at long last, this rare treasure is mine!  Mwahahahahahaha!
20190128 114112 by PixelKitties
The book is HUGE, an expansive three ring binder filled with info on every character, season 1 episodes, iconography and typography, concept art, official merchandising art, logo design and short, EVERYTHING!
IMG -3qwf9b by PixelKitties

Babs2 by PixelKitties
IMG -r7arnv by PixelKitties
20190128 115650 by PixelKitties
20190128 120226 by PixelKitties
20190128 121311 by PixelKitties

I will post some more pages later this week for Fifi Friday!

A million, trillion, quintillion thank yous to my mysterious benefactor who helped me realize a lifelong dream!  It may seem dumb but I tear up as I go through this book. The show has meant and continues to mean so much to me. Owning this isn't just filling a hole in my collection, it's really a memento of something I deeply love!
Hey True Believers!  If you follow this page for some reason, you've probably noticed the 1980s Disney characters I've been reclaiming from a set of ancient GLAD sandwich bags I've been posting.  So far I've posted Viking Donald and Cleopatra Magica/Daisy

Donald the Viking by PixelKitties   Cleopatra De Spell by PixelKitties

If you'd like to try your hand at vectoring or re-drawing a few yourself, I thought I'd post my scans of the actual bags!  Feel free to make use as needed!

DisneyLunch01 by PixelKitties
DisneyLunch02 by PixelKitties
DisneyLunch03 by PixelKitties

UPDATE- Dracocrochet has already taken up the ball and run with it, making a beautiful version of Ludwig Von Drake!  

Ludwig Von Drake by Dracocrochet
Wow!  I'm overwhelmed with the beautiful, absolutely incredible art that folks submitted for my Fifi Friday contest!  I want to thank everyone who took the time and made the effort to contribute and homage to the best purple French skunk ever!  Thank you for taking the time to make beautiful art and put so much time, creativity and positivity into #FifiFriday!

The grand prize winner of a three month Core Membership is Ze Surf Feef by IdiotFarm!
Ze Surf Feef by IdiotFarm

The runners up winning a month of Core Membership each are:

Punk Fifi by Dracocrochet
Fifi Friday - Punk Fifi by Dracocrochet

Tiny Fairy Toons by gizmo01
Tiny Fairy Toons by gizmo01

Fifi in Thought by Clovershroom
Fifi in thought by Clovershroom

Fifi Pose by RaptorCee
Fifi Friday: Fifi pose by RaptorCee

A Summer Love? by TariPup
Fifi Friday - A Summer Love? by TarriPup

These are all wonderful and I want to thank all the entrants again!  You all outdone yourself and I'm so happy!  THANK YOU and Happy #FifiFriday
Fifi Friday- A Romantic Night In by PixelKitties

Bonjour mes petits déviants!

Since March I've been posting quite a bit of Tiny Toon Adventures art both here and over on my Twitter account.  I've tried to include a little bit of every character, but I've specifically focused on my favorite toon, Fifi!

In order to avoid being a completely annoying fangirl, I started the hashtag #FifiFriday and confined the majority of my skunk posting to Fridays.  I try and have a new Fifi image ready for DA as well as sharing it on my Twitter along with items from my Tiny Toons production art and merchandise collection.

For the longest time, the only folks using the hashtag have been myself and someone with an adorable puppy named Fifi who, while undeniably cute, is unfortunately not a purple skunk.  But in the last few weeks, much to my surprise and joy, other folks have started posting Fifi LaFume art and content as well!  I mean, check out some of this très magnifique art:

Fifi La Fume by RBloodwolf 
by :iconrbloodwolf:

Fifi Friday #1 by Solratic

Fifi Friday #2 by Solratic

Fifi - Famous on Friday? by dth1971
by :icondth1971:

#FifiFriday by joaoppereiraus
by :iconjoaoppereiraus:

In addition, so many people were kind enough to to share merchandise, art, even costumes using the hashtag on Twitter!  It makes me very happy but I would love to see EVEN MORE folks closing out the week by showing love for the lovelorn skunk.  If you have the time or interest, I'd like to challenge you to come up with some more awesome Fifi art and post it either Friday August 31st or Friday Sept 7 with the hashtag #FifiFriday.

I'll retweet, fav and share everything I can find in a follow-up journal.

In addition, I'll choose two of the pieces that really capture the spirit of Ms LaFume and give away a Three Month Core Membership as well as a One Moth Core Membership!  

In order to qualify, all you have to do is post some Fifi Art with the title "Fifi Friday- (your title here)" as well as the tag #FifiFriday.  Also, please tag me in the description so all the entries will be delivered straight to my homepage.  You can do this by typing :icon pixelkitties: with no space between the words.  It will look like this :iconpixelkitties: and show up automatically in my feed.  

Of course, I'd really appreciate it if you were following me, but it's not a barrier to entry!  I will choose my two favorites on Monday, Sept 10.

If you have time, it would be so amazing getting to see everyone else's Fifi art!  I appreciate everyone's support and following me all these years and THANK YOU so much for reading!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  See you next Friday!

La Fete du 14-Juillet by PixelKitties

Just two days until I return to beautiful Columbus Ohio as a guest at one of my absolute favorite Horse Cons, the Mighty Mighty Trotcon!  Everyone there is so incredibly nice, the fans are amazing and it's just the right size for the perfect busy-ness to fun ratio.

As with everything in 2018 I'm running way behind in my preparations for the weekend.  Normally I like to have these previews up a week or so in advance but...things and stuff and fires and explosions and not looking at the explosions because I want to be cool, but then the back of your neck gets singed 

SO!  Here's all the things I'll be featuring at my vendor table this weekend.  Please do me a solid and buy everything so I'll have a nice, uncluttered table for cake or card games or arm wrestling. 

4x6" Prints
Perfect for framing!  Or bookmarking!  Or scrawling drunken notes about your newest fan fiction!  These and the buttons both are $3 each or 4 for $10.  You can combine that in any way you like, three buttons and one print, two of each, five and negative one...somehow...

Trotcon Prints01 by PixelKitties
Trotcon Prints02 by PixelKitties
Trotcon Prints03 by PixelKitties

Buttons, Buttons and even more FRIGGIN Buttons!
(If you don't see your favorite character, just ask!  I'm bringing a few bags of discontinued buttons!)

Buttons01 by PixelKitties
Buttons02 by PixelKitties
Buttons03 by PixelKitties

Harmony Keys!
They're shiny!  They're gold!  They're only $5 bucks!  And if you happen to be headed to prison after the convention, they make a great shiv!
EtsyKeys2014 01 by PixelKitties

In addition, I'll have two non-canon keys on hand representing Princess Luna Trixie!

Luna Key3 FINAL by PixelKitties

TrixieKeyPview by PixelKitties

Boulder and Twiggy Action Figures!
Each $5 playset comes with two prints, three buttons, action accessories and a battle-ready figure with zero points of articulation!
Twiggy Boulder Figs by PixelKitties

Handmaid Minifigure
Comes with a button, a print, figure, stand and accessory, all for $5!
Handmaid Fig by PixelKitties

Handmaid03 by PixelKitties

Twilight Capsule Machine!
If Twilight Sparkle were a mechanical horror that dispensed toys and prizes for 50 cents, then she'd probably look a lot like this!  In addition to the little prizes, there are several biggie-sized grand prizes as well as coupons for buttons and prints!

ToyMachine by PixelKitties
CapsuleToys by PixelKitties

Decorative Horse Bottles!
Okay, sure, they aren't technically filled with horse, but don't let that stop you!  At $5 each they're a great conversation starter and/or thirst quencher!
TrotBottles by PixelKitties

Free Stickers!
They're free!  As in no cost! As in you can have one if you buy something.  Or if you ask nicely! 
StickerPreview copy by PixelKitties

Finally, I'll have this special guest hanging around my booth pointing at stuff!  Feel free to take a picture with her!
SilverStream by PixelKitties

And that's it...I think!  I might be forgetting some stuff.  Have I mentioned I'm very tired?  Hope to see you all at Trotcon!!!
I've been posting some of my more rare, unique and interesting Tiny Toons/Animaniacs memorabilia over on Twitter and I thought it would be fun to share one of my cooler items here as well.  

This is a Tiny Toon Adventures Pre-Release Press Kit that was mailed out to television stations, marketing people and merchandise producers back in 1989 and early 1990:
20180625 134358 by PixelKitties

It comes in a nice TTA folder and is filled with all sorts of fun and even archaic items!  Let's take a look. 

20180625 135239 by PixelKitties

When you open it up, the left side features a plastic organizer with twenty slides for an old-school slide projector.  The right side contains a number of images including concept art, character pictures, headshots of the producers and cast as well as many pages of character bios and cast lists.

The slides are really cool and, of course, very retro!  They include a bunch of preview art as well as single images for a number of the characters.  Sadly, there's very little Fifi La Fume content in the pack.  The only reference to her is this slide which features a pretty common bit of promo art that's shown up on posters and packaging. 

20180625 134854 by PixelKitties

More interesting are these two slides featuring art that I've never seen previously.  Similar to the above, it shows various cast members interacting in amusing ways.  I believe the Elmyra hugging Max bit has shown up in marketing materials before, but the rest is really unique!  Also note that Furball has dark blue hands rather than the usual light blue matching his feet. 

IMG o09ywe by PixelKitties
IMG 7y3qro by PixelKitties

I wonder if part of the reason these didn't show up so much is because the portrayals of the characters here are slightly "off" the norm.  Dizzy was made into more of an antagonist character (which certainly softened over time) rather than "just one of the gang" in these images.  Buster is shown to be a bit more lazy, rather than the energetic rabbit of action.  Babs is playing on a tire swing and seems younger and more playful rather than an over-the-top shit disturber!

Likewise Furball is reaching for pink ice cream rather than a pink bird.  Hamton is gleefully eating a handful of sticky, goopy second-hand ice cream when his show portrayal is much more fastidious and a neat-freak.  Again, Dizzy seems to be more of a friend than an antagonist. 

The other side of the folder contains all the printed material, starting with headshots for Babs, Buster, Plucky as well as some group images and the show's logo.  It also has photos of Steven Spielberg and producer Tom Ruegger looking very...denim!
20180625 135027 by PixelKitties

After that there's a lot of text material detailing the plot of the show, a guide to the various slides and bios for the main characters.  These bios are a lot of fun, including weird, random info that never made it into the show!  For instance, did you know Babs actually owned a mobile 1990!?!  Clearly Max wasn't the only multi-millionaire in town!  Plucky maintains a C- average in school and seems to have serious, untreated anxiety and paranoid disorders.  FUN!  
20180625 141715 by PixelKitties
20180625 141651 by PixelKitties

Also, weirdly, Babs is noted to be the Co-Host while Buster is just the Host.  

Max has a bit of a depressing bio, describing him as just wanting friends and using his villainy and greed as a coping mechanism for insecurity.  This is deep stuff!
20180625 142356 by PixelKitties

All told, this is a wonderful, nostalgic piece that I'm very proud to own!  It also give a lot of insight into how a children's cartoon was marketed to the people who run the stations, sell the toys, etc.  In this day of viral buzz, social network bombardment and instantaneous word-of-mouth (or at least word-of-Twitter) you don't image a lot of station managers sitting in a boardroom looking at a slideshow of cartoon rabbits and passing around one color copy of Steven Spielberg's professional bio.    But it was a different time and it's really fun getting a glimpse of it!
20180625 135140 by PixelKitties

I hope you enjoyed seeing this stuff!  If you like, I'll continue posting my collections here as well as Twitter.  It's certainly nice having more room to talk about the pieces and explain them a bit.  Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is doing great!
Product03 by PixelKitties

I don't want to be a crass opportunist, so try to avoid pimping my products and merchandise too much here on DeviantArt.  But with it being Pride month and all, I thought folks might like to know about the Tiny Toon-themed Pride design on my Red Bubble Account!  It's cute, colorful and cheap as free (at least as cheap as you can get on Red Bubble!)

I've got tee shirts!
Product02 by PixelKitties

Product01 by PixelKitties

Bag Things! (wooden bag thing holder thing not included)
Product04 by PixelKitties

And pretty much every product under the sun for you to wear or put things in!  Check my page out if you have a free moment, or don't, that's okay too!  I'll be uploading the regular picture version of this image on #FifiFriday, as usual. 

Until then, have a great week and HAPPY PRIDE!
In two days I'll be leaving on a jet plane for beautiful Seattle, Washington for my first pony convention in almost two years!  I'm nervous and could almost say I'm Excitvous!

I really hope to see many of you there!  I'm an honest-to-goodness guest so I'll be taking part in lots of meet and greets, dinners and drinking of adult beverages while talking children's TV programming!  I'll also be taking part in several art panels and I'll have a vendor table with all sorts of weird stuff that I'm happy to exchange for Las Pegasus Vendor Bits, or whatever the current US Legal Tender is!  Here's a rundown of the stuff I'll have on hand! 

Please do me a solid and buy everything so I'll have a nice, uncluttered table for cake or card games or arm wrestling. 

4x6" Prints
Perfect for framing!  Or bookmarking!  Or scrawling drunken notes about your newest fan fiction!
PrintPreview by PixelKitties

Buttons, Buttons and even more FRIGGIN Buttons!
(If you don't see your favorite character, just ask!  I'm bringing a few bags of discontinued buttons!)
Buttons 2018 by PixelKitties

Harmony Keys!
They're shiny!  They're gold!  They're only $5 bucks!  And if you happen to be headed to prison after the convention, they make a great shiv!
EtsyKeys2014 01 by PixelKitties

In addition, I'll have three DISharmony keys on hand representing Derpy, Chrysalis and Trixie!

Keys by PixelKitties
TrixieKeyPview by PixelKitties

Boulder and Twiggy Action Figures!
Each playset comes with two prints, two buttons, action accessories and a battle-ready figure with zero points of articulation!
Twiggy Boulder Figs by PixelKitties

Handmaid Minifigure
Comes with a button, a print, figure, stand and accessory!
Handmaid Fig by PixelKitties

Handmaid03 by PixelKitties

Storybook of Harmony boxes!
I'll only have three on hand, so if you want one, buy it fast!  I'll have a large, medium and small version.  Also comes with four free prints and/or buttons!
Crackle not included. 
BookBoxVariety by PixelKitties
8.5 x 11" autograph print, signed by me, I guess!  
It's free with any purchase, while supplies last.  Cannot be exchanged for a laser disk copy of Predator 2.  Probably. 
Pixelkitties Autograph Card by PixelKitties

Free Stickers!
They're free!  As in no cost! As in you can have one if you buy something.  Or if you ask nicely! 
StickerPreview copy by PixelKitties

FINALLY here are all my autograph prints that WAY cooler people will be signing next weekend!
Everfree All Preview by PixelKitties
I remember when I was little and I loved Tiny Toons.  I bought the magazine, sent away from merchandise in catalogs, recorded every episode on a clunky VCR, all by myself with no friends or acquaintances who shared my obsession.  Later it was trading anime tapes and corresponding through the USPS with pen pals, sharing hand drawn art and long letters with folks in other states and countries.  In college I attended my first horror convention and was overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise, fan art, tee shirts, I got to talk with other fans and attend panels and screenings with them.  Through all of this, I never came across the actual term "fandom".  These were just things I enjoyed, hobbies.  It wasn't until My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) came along post-college that I really came to understand what fandom is- a focused and dedicated group of people coalescing around a common passion.   

Fandom can be wonderful and the people I've met, the friendships I've been blessed to gain, the sharing of a common love and creativity have been one of the most important and meaningful experiences of my life.  But fandom, like any good thing, needs to be observed in moderation.

I've had to hide a lot of comments and interactions on my DA page lately and even bring in the DA admins to deal with some incidents.  Not insults toward me, I tend to leave those up because I'm not in the business of censoring folks' opinion of my content.  No, these are weird, rambling and cruel attacks on other commenters, random vitriol hurled at or about people I don't even know, spammed rants about politics and drama and crap I'm multiple degrees away from, but somehow it spills over onto my profile deviations.  People show a tremendous lack of empathy and relish of cruelty and personal vendettas, usually over, frankly, the dumbest things: a cartoon character, a fan ship, an OC, the eye color of a background pony from episode whatever.  People willing to fight and bleed and dox and die for absolutely nothing that matters outside the narrow world of fandom. 

Certainly it's not only a DeviantArt thing, though I suspect places like DA, Reddit and Tumblr are patient zero for this kind of behavior.  However, I won't tolerate it here in my tiny little corner. 

Don't be mean to other posters, if you have something unkind to engage with them about, send a Private Message.  I'm tired of having to scroll past long chains of "Comment Hidden" because of people sniping at each other or ganging up on someone or starting crap because of spelling or grammar or some My Little Pony minutia.  I know it's a cliche, but remember the human.  No art, no comment, no opinion or remark is generated by the ether. There is a person with feelings on the other end of the internet, they have the same right to thought and speech that you do.  They've suffered tragedy, celebrated triumph.  They go to the grocery store, they cry when they're sad.  They have a mom and a dad and pets and hopes and dreams.  They're not your enemy and they're not fair game in an internet shooting gallery, at least not here. 

So please, PLEASE endeavor to keep things kind and respectful.  I don't want to play referee and I absolutely don't want to see people insulted and hurt. 

Thanks for reading, and to the vast VAST majority of folks who follow me and post here THANK YOU for being wonderful friends and fellow fans.  For everyone else, please try and listen to your better angels. 

Be kind.
I'm sure you've noticed I've been on a bit of a Tiny Toons kick lately since rediscovering a cache of my old artwork from the days of Tiny Me Adventures. 

One of the things I most desired then, and now, was an actual animation cel from the show.  In fact, now that digital and computer-aided animation rules the earth (and trust me, I'm not complaining since that's my actual profession!) the idea of owning an actual, hand-painted production cel was even more desirable.  

So, a few days after my birthday and flush with gift cards I decided to invest in making that lifelong dream a reality!  I spoke to a number of animation art dealers who were all incredibly helpful and kind, but I settled on First Animation Art. They had a great selection of TTA production art and, more importantly, quite a number of very nice Fifi pieces!  Moreover, Wanda was SO HELPFUL and patient as I drilled down to exactly what wanted! 

A significant chunk of change and a few weeks later, I now own this:

DZehco4WkAApYi3 by PixelKitties

The certificate of authenticity points to this being from the episode "Dating Acme Acres Style" segment "Love Stinks!"  Here's the actual scene from the episode, which is surprisingly cropped in the episode:

LoveStinks-FifiEnjoysHerJoystick by PixelKitties

It's truly fascinating seeing the actual piece of physical art.  The detail is really amazing and there's a tactile beauty to the linework and paint that's lost in the pre-High Definition animation.  And simply holding it in my's magical.  I can't help but smile from ear to ear knowing that a piece of both cartoon and my own personal artistic history is real and substantial and tangible.  It's pretty incredible and SO worth the purchase!

Now everything is framed in an expensive acid-free light-resistant super frame and hanging in my office!

DZzDH0mXcAAptOM by PixelKitties

There's a rush of nostalgia to looking up from my hyper-modern glass desk with multiple screens and computers and Wacom whatevers and seeing something I dreamed of back in my childhood room at a secondhand desk with reams of lined paper and scrounged pencils.

Life is pretty good.  =)

EDIT:  For those wondering, an animation cel from Tiny Toons can set you back between $400 and $1000 depending on the character and complexity of the image.  It's definitely NOT a cheap hobby!
Convention season is breaking into full-speed ahead, and with it my level of art busy-ness has escalated tenfold!  If you're attending Babscon, Whinny City Pony Con, Galacon, Everfree NW or pretty much every and any other MLP convention you'll find stacks of my newest artwork at guest's tables for signing!  I've completed almost thirty autograph images since late February and I have dozens to go before I can crawl in a hole and weep softly to myself.

I'm also trying to churn out work for the new season of MLP, prepare for my own appearance as a guest at Everfree NW and even work on rebooting/remaking/re-interpreting my childhood Tiny Toon Adventures comic.  I've made some progress and I thought I would preview some of it here!

So, here's the original opening page with a bunch of badly-drawn Space Marines showing up on a alien world to do what it is Space Marines do best: macaroni art, probably. Keep in mind, I drew this when I was 11 years old so, you know, it is what it is!

IA Old FirstPage by PixelKitties

Here's the new opening page with fancy computer wuzzits and jokes.  Or at least the set up for jokes.  Terminator Jokes sent from the future to ruin our present or something. 

FirstPage by PixelKitties

Here's Ye Olde version of Comrade Fifi interrupting Buster and Babs' intro to overthrow the machines of capitalism...or at least negotiate for her own episode. 

IA Old FifiBabsArgue by PixelKitties

And here's the new version of the same scene with a background and limbs and all those things kids love these days. 

FifiBabsArgue by PixelKitties

And finally, here's the scene I posted last week with dialog:

ThisTimeWar by PixelKitties

All told, it's coming along nicely!  There's no real pressure or ETA on this project.  No idea when or where I'll be posting it or publishing it. The quickest way to take the fun out of this project is to turn it into another art obligation among many, many, many others. 

That brings me to another quick thing I want to talk about.  I get a lot of requests for free art and art trades.  I would love MORE THAN ANYTHING to have the time and energy to take on every single request!  I am NOT good at saying no to anyone and it breaks my heart every time I have to decline.  If I'm ever in the position where I can take on more free requests I will definitely post about it.  But if an artist is unable to take your request, PLEASE don't harass them or feel insulted.  One of the things I've heard recently is "If you have time to work on your own stuff/go to the movies/take a vacation/etc then you should have time to make me art!"  That is just not how it works.  Having precious free time is not an empty slot that's being taken away from someone else.  That's the artist holding on to whatever little bits of sanity they have left!   So, please, please understand that I never turn down requests to be mean or because I'm stuck up.  I'm just one lady who is very tired!  I still love you and think your ideas are awesome! 

And that's all for now!  I've been trying to post more here on DA and be more active and plan to keep that up, especially with new  episodes of MLP coming out!  I hope everyone is doing great and, as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a friend to me and supporter of the dumb stuff I do online!  

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First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  I haven't checked my DA in some time and was blown away by several pages of well-wishes.  You folks are amazing and I can't thank you enough for all the kindness, generosity and support!

And since it is my birthday, I'm entitled to a little bit of pre-midlife crisis.  I spent some time this week going through my old papers from school, old art, old correspondence and reminiscing about my carefree days before mortgages, taxes, identity theft, Possessed Alexa AIs and Alex Jones. 

One of the things I happened to find in my old files was a truly terrible and cringe-worthy comic I made when I was 11-ish?  I think?  

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Some backstory; when I was a little girl I LOVED all things Tiny Toons.  The background radiation of my entire life is exposure to that show- from my sense of humor to my love of They Might Be Giants.  If there's one instigating factor of blame for the way I turned out, it can be laid squarely at the feet of Steven Spielberg and Paul Dini et al.  I was also a weirdo that loved monsters and, since my beloved and wonderful mom still thought of comics as Superman and Archie I had unlimited access to all sorts of books I probably shouldn't have.  I've written before about how important Swamp Thing was to my artistic upbringing, but the early 90s was also the heyday of Dark Horse's various licensed comics including Aliens, Predator and (naturally) Aliens vs Predator.   And I bought every gory, chest-bursting issue!

Sometime in 1990, 91 while I was consuming a steady diet of cartoon rabbits, parody humor and intergalactic monsters killing the shit out of each other I began working on a way to bridge my various interests.  The comic was called "Illegal Aliens" (a title that definitely hasn't aged well, politically) It would star my favorite character on Tiny Toons, the girl version Pepe LePew, Fifi the skunk.  Technically she seemed to be one of the main cast members, but never seemed to appear in many episodes of her own.  So my plan was to write, produce, direct, edit, draw this comic and eventually send it to Warner Brothers at which time they would hire me on the spot and I would make tons of money as an artist, just like happens all the time. Ahem. 

The plot was pretty much as coherent as you would expect from a pre-teen tomboy obsessed with monsters and cartoons and Nintendo and Mountain Dew.  The president (The Dodo character, of course) sends Fifi skunk and a team of other side characters to investigate a lost space colony.  There, they run across "Xeno-Con 93" a gathering of space monsters that forgot to hire a caterer for their weekend get-away.  The intrepid explorers show up just in time to become a movable feast for the  monsters, jokes ensue  Well, fifty plus pages on  I never finished it.

But then in 1992 Spielberg actually did produce a fan-submitted episode of Tiny Toons.  Ouch.   I felt pretty certain that sort of lightning wasn't going to strike twice.  Also, I was like 13 and starting to move away from cartoon animals into new, super-mature things like anime and Sega Genesis and throwing things off the local parking garage.  And, let's be real, my comic was pretty terrible!  The art was okay for a kid, but the story was nonexistent and the jokes were intended for an audience of Me. 

As embarrassing as it is seeing old drawings and whatnot, it's also weirdly heartening to find this treasure trove of cringe.  I think 11-year-old me would be very proud and excited to know where these early efforts have taken me.  I'd like to give her a guided tour of my life and assure her that, while at the time I was a lonely nerd, drawing cartoon characters alone in my room and feeling very much lost in a world that I didn't understand, eventually I will be an EVEN BIGGER nerd who sits alone in a VERY nice office drawing cartoon characters and has a TV bigger than my old bedroom. 

I think she'd be very happy to hear that.

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As long as I can remember Bernie Wrightson has been an integral part of my life.

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My first comic book was Swamp Thing #10.  It was tattered and dog-eared and the cover was attached with tape.  I have no idea where it came from or who would willingly give a five-year-old such a macabre gift.  But it was a treasure and I loved it.  I mean, look at that cover- misshapen monsters, straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch fever dream, grappling for purchase, fighting to murder one another in a graveyard IN A SWAMP.  I was hooked, this was my universe of monsters, coiled tendons, gnashing broken teeth, forbidden places where terrors dwell.  

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And such was the power of Bernie Wrightson, to compel and repulse with but a line.  His work was the edge of darkness, desperately seeking to embrace the light.  It was from him I was filled with passion and love of art, and decided to make it my career.  It was from him I came to chase the interplay of light and shadow, the turn of of a neck, broken nails and ancient manses and lonely moors where naught but forbidden secrets dwell.  

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It was from Bernie I came to adore the fold of heavy curtains, the grain of a laboratory table, the sumptuous empire of details in a shuttered room.  He taught me that the dark has texture, that every inch of a page or frame is an opportunity to tell a story.  His work taught me that monsters are everything we fear and shun and hate but likewise beautiful and tragic...and profoundly human.

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And it was the work of Bernie Wrightson that has guided my career more than any other.  It is to my great regret that I never had the chance to meet him or shake his hand or thank him.  I would not be here, now, typing this without Bernie or his monsters. It's surely a strange path; that my pursuit of broken demons and grim horror brought me to the pastel dreamscapes of My Little Pony but as I learned from Bernie- crooked lines, bent and broken and gnarled, can be the most beautiful of all. 
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I uploaded a couple pics the past few days, but I wanted to post a proper journal entry and say hello!

Also, I want to apologize if anybody got the impression I'd disappeared completely or pulled one of those "QUIT THE FANDOM" drama bombs.  The truth is I just don't have time to post much.  Life keeps me frustratingly busy!  Running a design team at work, freelance and mlp work at home, volunteer work in my city, husband, pets, family, friends, modicum of a social life and social networks all add up to some crazy number over 100%.  With all that, something's gotta give and that usually ends up being posting to DA!  In addition, I'm DEFINITELY not able to keep up with comments, private messages, questions, feedback or anything else around here.  And that makes me feel like a total jerkass.  That being the case I usually choose "Don't post anything at all" over "Post something and then find it impossible to interact with the nice people who take the time to leave a comment"

But that's all just the background noise of MY life and the last thing I want is to make anyone feel bad or abandoned!  While I may not be posting on here as much as I'd like, you can find me in a bunch of other places if you ever wish to check in.

Twitter is my preferred social network and I'm on there pretty much constantly.  I have two accounts- is my main account, where I post art, beer, convention stuff, politics, comic news, photos, etc.  It's my catch-all for online human interaction! is a parody account I run that satirizes US politics.  Miss Harshwhinny has been apparently elected Mayor of Ponyville and she's terrible at it.  Essentially, whenever President Drumpf updates his twitter, Mayor Harshwhinny does likewise.… is my Instagram page.  This is almost entirely devoted to my LEGO photography and some other toy/action figure stuff.  Right now I'm running a series of LEGO scenes of Black History Month heroes. I have a tumblr account that never, ever gets used anymore.  Frankly, I find Tumblr kind of awful in terms of its interface and propensity for ridiculous drama, so it mostly gets ignored. (although I did just update it because I went to the trouble of logging in!)

If you're looking for me live and in person, I'm probably only going to be at one convention this year (to be announced!) since my husband and I are hoping to take a second honeymoon with our limited vaykay time!  

And that's all for now!  I hope everyone here at DA is doing awesome and than you so much for all your kindness over the past several years!  It's amazing being able to share a love of art and ponies with so many fantastic friends from around the world.  It means so much to me getting to know you all!  THANK YOU and talk again soon!
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And Happy New Things!

I haven't posted much lately because I live a life of high adventure and free time is for suckers.  But I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone the happiest of holidays and thank you all for being amazingly awesome friends and internet personages! 

We're spending Christmas with friends at our vaykay cabin, sipping beer, lounging in the hot tub, and avoiding family drama involving whoever stole the last cookie or which child bit another child first (Spoiler Alert:  It's Ethan, the little bastard.  It's ALWAYS Ethan.)

However you plan to spend your holiday, I wish you and yours the brightest and merriest ever!  Love youse all and I'll try and be better at posting nonsense on a semi-regular basis in 2017.  If not, blame Ethan!
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It’s Trixie Week!  An entire week dedicated to the most Great and Powerful of all Best Ponies!

Post your favorite Trixie art, fics, cosplay, toys or epic-length tone poems!  Express your love for her and SHOW TRIXIE WHAT YOU GOT!

Remember, Trixie is 100% perfect 60% of the time, every time!

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The new season of MLP starts on March 26 and that's really just not convenient for me.  I've got too much work to do and my hands currently full making fun of political campaigns.  Making poop jokes about princess ponies and keeping up with drawing new episode stuff just won't fit into my schedule right now.  I need at least two more months to prepare.  Maybe three!  

There's also the fact that every new episode brings us a step closer to the end of all things Friendship and Magical and I'd much rather prolong that incremental heartache for another year, at least. 

Sadly, nobody at Hasbro is taking my wants, needs or hastily scrawled drunken rants into account, so on March 26 we'll return to Equestria for more personal tiny equine adventures!  Should be fun...and bittersweet.  And exhausting.  But mostly fun.  Mostly.