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Zecora Milaje

Chrysalis' lesson, harsh though it be
Is never to trespass within Everfree!
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Fallen you have, like all my foes;

To add insult to injury, I shall boop your nose!

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...shouldn't Zecora be bald in this instance?

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No? She's not bald. Modern and Future Zecora both have the mohawk.

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I love Chrysalis and Zecora

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Changeling conquest will never be....
As long as Zecora protects Everfree!
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Head canon accepted: Zebrica is Equestrian Wakanda.
Zebrica Forever!!
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Didn't expect Vibranium weaponry, did you, Chryssie?! :evillaugh:
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Chrysalis: "I HATE crossovers!"
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Zecora, the guardian of the Everfree forest
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It would be amazing if this (as well as the other timelines) were continued in the official comics.
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I hope we see those timelines again. 
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Shuri: Did she freeze?
Zecora: Intellectually as Chrysalis may be bright, she froze like an antelope in front of a light!
(Shuri cracks up)
Chrysalis: (scowling) Are you finished?

I couldn't resist! Hopefully that's a good a reinterpretation of a dialogue I could come up with for a follow-up scene afterwards! :giggle:
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Everfree forever!!!
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Happy I'm not the only one that has a Zecora vs Chrysalis scene stuck in my head =p
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