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Is Yona the cuddly Yak the best new character from the MLP Season 8 premier?

Does she need all the cake?
Also, yes. 
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Those wonder if there is to be a battle between Yona and princess celesta for the last of the cake in the world when there was times princess celesta was to want a slice of cake when one time it was more like a stand as applejack had to lean up against the stand making the cake topple over.

Did Starlight mess up again and swapped souls between Yona and Celestia? 
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Me: Uh oh... *runs away with cake and ice cream* Ahhh!
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Here she comes.
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First part of your description is kinda debatable. XD
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100% Truth!  Yona is love!
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Lol. I love them all, but if I had to pick a fave, it'd be Gallus. I just love his 2kewl4skool attitude. Or maybe Smolder for similar reasons.
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“Is Yona the best new character from the MLP Season 8 premier? Yes.” 

Yona, eh? That’s a funny way to say Ocellus.  Ocellus with book by FrownFactory
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Yona is my favorite of the six students
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Who can blame her for wanting cake?
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Let's just be honest with ourselves. When it comes to Yona, the answer will pretty much always be yes. :P
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Never sand between a yak and bake goods
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I love Yona! She deserves all the cake in the world!
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I have to admit, I started liking the new students they focused on for the premier. Was a pretty good one...also sad Twi' is adorably sad =p
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Yona is best Yak!
Yona is love. Yona is life. 
  Indeed.  Find your inner 'Yona'; for in so, one will find love and a true appreciation for life itself.

  Balance.  Harmony.  Peace, through Yona.
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The Empire Strikes Back - Yoda Icon 2 For my ally is Yona and a powerful ally it is. Cake creates her and makes her grow. Her energy surrounds us and binds us. Yak-ous beings are we....not this crude matter. You must feel Yona arround you. 
  Lol.  Sir, you have a brilliant sense of humor.  This is rather clever, indeed.  If you were ever involved in contest of wits,  I would wager you could exchange bon mots and acerbic quips with the best of them.  You have a penchant for inventiveness.  Well done.
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