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Story time!

So, this image
Cutie Mark Crusaders Reunion by PixelKitties
is really the combination of three different autograph pics for the CMC actresses.  However, based on feedback, I started to regret taking Scootaloo quite so far in her Hot Topic glam Lunar Guard costume. And while there is precedent for regular pegasusis becoming Bat Guards in The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, there were a lot of uh...insistent complaints about how a regular wingy horse could get all bat-wingy as well.

So, since I had a few minutes of free time I took Grown Up Scootaloo back to the drawing board and gave her a bit more of a fan-approved destiny by having her join the Wonderbolts and retaining feathery wings instead of trading up.

I kept the cool scar though.  Chicks dig scars.  
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