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Wind Waker

Daring Do doing what Daring does best!
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The twist with Ahuizotl in Daring Doubt made no sense whatsoever when you consider all the things he’s said and done over the course of the show and the expanded universe.

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Hmm...I think @ShadOBabe would like this. ;)

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LOOOL, omg I DO! Let's just fave that. X'D

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interesting cross over 
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I thought I saw the boat have a nosebleed fit. XD
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Nice art work you did.
karkovice1's avatar
Going on her very own Viking adventure! :D
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Wow! I really love the art style! :D

I really gotta replay and actually finish Wind Waker sometime though...
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Hoy, small filly!
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Must play this game!!!
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Interesting crossover! ;P
tigreanpony's avatar
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I love the texture 
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I remember that game! Been like almost 10 years since I last played it though I could never beat it haha
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aww man this is sick! <33
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Braking into temples and forgetting she can fly?
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I would play the hell of that game
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We come from the land of the pastel pones
Where the unicorn horns are like ice cream cones

We drive our ships to new lands
Find a home
Sing and dance
We don't wear an-y pants...
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Written down in published novels!
Saving artefacts from Ahuizotl!
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OMG I love this!!
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Whooow shit, this is a brand new look for your art textures!!!
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