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What a Terrible Night For Wall Chicken

Final wallpaper from last comic.  Starting on the new one today.  Remarkably little pre-episode content, haven't yet seen a trailer or much beyond a couple stills.  Guess I'll just have to make it up, which is usually more fun anyway!
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Pinkie of the Opera, anyone?
Spark97008's avatar
pinkie  pie meets minecraft...
Clyobate's avatar
Uhmmmm... That wall chicken is from castlevania.
don't know what new age you come from
but it's not from Minecraft.
AuthorNumber2's avatar
caption fun! Pinkie: waitaminute....this isn't a cupcake!
PaperMatt202's avatar
It's a pork chop.
templar127's avatar
Dat pixelated meat!
Gamedog3700's avatar
You have a hilarious profile pic.
RazorD9's avatar
Everyone needs a little WFC. Wall Found Chicken.
Clyobate's avatar
PFS = Ponyville Fried Spike

sorry there were to many I couldn't help it.
SillyInsaneGamer's avatar
Such stuff NEVER makes you wonder about stuff does it :P
Like: Where did the chicken came from!? Why is it 8-bit? Why is it there? Will pinkie pie eat it? :nuu:
Such pointless stuff is pure awesomeness!! :squee:
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Pinkie Pie looks good in those clothes and role. She could totally become an actress.
CosmicTail42's avatar
I prefer churches over chicken.
Clyobate's avatar
Castlevania one is to chicken, while Castlevania two is to churches. See these are the kind of analogies I love about video games
NuttyEngineer's avatar
You can never have enough pork chops.

But who hides these things in the buckin walls anyway?
rds9674's avatar
Who cooked it, anyway?

And if you were Simon Belmont, would you eat an old pork chop that you found in a wall? It must be bucking dirty!
jmlapuz's avatar
Is that from the Angry Video Game Nerd? Kinda sounds familiar.
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