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Welcome To Bat Country

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There's been a lot of requests for a print version of

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride by PixelKitties

So I decided the best way to meet that demand was to dovetail it into the fundraising effort for Michael Morones

If you would like this poster, then as your attorney, I advise you to check out THIS HERE AUCTION.  100% of the proceeds go to Michael and his family.  

Also, I would be remiss in thanking EVERYONE for the tremendous groundswell of charity and support already.  This situation is heartbreaking, but the way this community has responded is truly inspiring.  Thank you!
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*drives up next to them in my Mercedes-Benz with music blasting and hydraulics*
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They're mah rims now... >8)
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Jesper6Hobbyist Writer
We had two bags of licorice, seventy-five pellets of M&M’s, five sheets of high-sugar saltwater taffy, a salt shaker half full of pixie stick powder, and a whole galaxy of multicolored gummies, chewies, fudgies, tarts... and also a quart of kool-aid, a quart of root beer, a case of orange soda, a pint of raw corn syrup, and two dozen jaw-breakers. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious candy collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
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Regardless of whether you recognize the name from a movie or the A7X song, we can all agree this is a good picture
AnonIsnothere's avatar
Shading yes

Im not a mlp fan but this is drawn well so i geuss so.
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MysticZETSUBOUHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy god Incoming Flutterbat!
CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
CrucifyTheWolfHobbyist General Artist
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LuchogHobbyist Photographer
One of my favorite books and movies.

And I just picked up the tshirt on welovefine.com.  It rocks!
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DBZFan12Hobbyist Writer
Someone needs to make a PMV of "Bat Country"
Pana-sonic3D's avatar
Pana-sonic3DHobbyist Artist
Twi is not amused. :3
ceraperduta's avatar
Well, she is about to Check in to a Las Pegasus Hotel with the attempt to commit capital fraud and has a head full of acid... so I think that might be a reason to be frustrated.
Flutterflyraptor's avatar
That really looks cool!:D

Great job PixelKitties!:D
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Thunder-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
That's awesome!
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legosrcool1000Professional Artist
"We can't stop here. This is Fruit-bat Country!"
Roark787's avatar
Did any one else think of Avenged 7 fold when they read the word Bat Country? Or is that just me? :\
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
I've had this pic for awhile, but never knew it's creator.

Now, I do and I intend to spam them with various messages saying "Cool" "Awesome" and "I cant ever hope to attain this skill"
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hrfarringtonProfessional General Artist
omg, yes. 8D
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Discord, my fave character in MLP.
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steven1212121212Student General Artist
Oddly enough, I was listening to Bat Country when I saw this. Nice crossover.
RedReaper36's avatar
Wow. Talk about ironic.

I wonder if Avenged Sevenfold is playing in Ponyville.
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KinunaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOL i was about to ask if this was a mix between the song and MLP
ScribblyDibblyDoo's avatar
ScribblyDibblyDooHobbyist General Artist
l.o.l twilight's expression. good job.
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Blackfire2QStudent Artist
What's this a reference to?
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