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Wed Space Comic

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Spoiler Note- As of this post, I haven't yet seen the new episode. All I know is that there's pretty dresses and Princess Cadence/Cadance getting hitched to Shining Armor. Beyond that, I'm as in-the-dark as anyone else! Any actual resemblance to the actual episode is purely coincidence (or emerging psychic abilities) and not a meany-mean spoiler!


My Little Pony + Dead Space + Sex Pistols

It's beginning to look like my comics stem from some kind of pop-culture Mad Libs!

As season 2 of the Friendship Express arrives at its destination, I wanted to make something really special and epic. Hope you all like it!

I want to dedicate this comic to my amazingly tolerant and patient husband who has supported me unwaveringly in my weirdo clown pony hobby for over a year. I don't know what I would do without him. He's my Tom the Rock.
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I do love that Shining got himself shitfaced! XD

I am a bit confused on Cadence/Chrysalis’ expression on the panel with pinkie doing a Sex Pistols impression. Why is she doing that?

and to trixie:

’tf2 spy voice/quote’
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I figured out why, it’s just shock that someone like Pinkie would do something like that at something so formal.
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This would have been better IMHO. That Cadence really was just suffering from wedding stress.
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
That was Chrysalis
makarosc's avatar
makaroscHobbyist Writer
I figured that but wanted to be sure
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i love the anarchy :D
SgtJasonHawthorne's avatar
oh boy another kendra daniels. bitch
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DasWeirdoHobbyist Digital Artist
Trixie should do more homework about ancient artifacts, Because last time it went perfect... (#sarcasm)
Pum6kin's avatar
Pum6kinStudent Artist
Final Panel: Isn't that the very same alien artifact that was seen in the Dead Space franchise?
Dark9519's avatar
yes, the Marker
msmstud's avatar
I literally LOL'd...SO HARD...at Pinkie Pie and Gummy! And I have mirthful afterglow from it. Nice. Effing. Work.  (Late to the party, I know. Chronologically catching up on Stay Brony.)
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ikerimiHobbyist Filmographer
lemebles's avatar
Sex pistols meets mlp. Now I truly have seen it all.
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
I hate you and I love you Fluffle puff and your big sister.
unexpectedman's avatar
ow, that sounds.. strange i think :/
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
Grab the shotgun and and 1000 shocking shells to go with it it's time the fight space zombies.
alexwarlorn's avatar
And that becomes more ironic since the Fluffy and Chrysalis comic how has a Alicorn that's a manifestation of the red becon as a character.
Skyway920's avatar
i can see where this is going ISAAC get down here and fast
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CutsceneLogicHobbyist General Artist
I need that shirt.
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
This is going to backfire epically....
alexwarlorn's avatar
And now very ironic given the 'soulless zombie abominations that need to be exterminated' origin that changelings were given in the comic.
alexwarlorn's avatar
So that's where changelings came from.
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You gotta do more Twixie comics!  Please?  I'd also love to see Trixie interact with Twilight's folks.
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